Five Ways to Optimize Your Google+ ProfileGoogle+, ( also known as Google Plus), is, as you probably know, the search engine giant’s Facebook killer. Launched to a great deal of fanfare with a private, invitation-only launch earlier this year, it’s since become an object of admiration and derision.

Users like the Gmail-style feel and the ease of the interface. However, there has been a notable lack of activity on the tool, even by those users who like the tool’s design.

There are interesting things going on with Google+ and affiliates definitely need to stay up-to-date on how to get the most out of this exciting tool.

One key way you can get more from your Google+ profile is to optimize it for search. Many SEO experts are seeing great returns from well-optimized Google+ profiles. In fact, many are reporting that optimized Google+ profiles are ranking higher than an individual or company website. And the content posted to Google+ often scores higher in the search engine results pages as a Google+ post than the original content.

Today, I’m going to show you the areas on your profile you can optimize to get better search results.

Five Ways to Optimize Your Google+ Profile

1. SEO Title and Description

If your page is an individual page, make sure you’ve named it in a way that people will find you. For instance, if I had named my page “Jeffrey Greer,” it would confuse most people who know me as “Jeff Greer.” If you have a business profile, think about adding your keywords or location to your title. And of course, add your keywords into your description, but keep it under 160 characters. (This is probably the only meta description on the web that Google uses to determine search engine rankings.)

2. Introduction

Your introduction can be brief or long. While some SEO experts are recommending longer introductions, you’ll really want to take advantage of the ability to link to your other profiles and websites in the introduction. This is a clear SEO difference from Facebook.

3. Other Social Profiles and Links

If you’re setting up Google+, it’s likely you’re active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Make sure to provide links to those profiles. You’ll get traffic to these as your Google+ profile increases in the search engine results pages. Also be sure to link to any websites you own or manage.

4. Bragging Rights, Occupation, Employment and Education

This is another area that can impact your SEO. Using the company names as Google recommends will help you and your profile find friends and co-workers more easily.

5. Keep it Active

Make sure you’re using your profile on a regular basis, adding content and keeping it fresh. We all know that Google (the search engine) prefers fresh, up-to-date content. The fresher your Google+, the better your results.

In short, there are few areas of your Google+ profile that can’t be optimized. Just be careful to follow SEO best practices while optimizing, and avoid stuffing keywords.

Thanks to Kristi Hines of Search Engine Watch for the post that inspired this.