When we talk about Social Media on AffiliatePrograms.com we generally refer to it on the marketing side of things. Social media is so much more than that and, honestly, if all you’re using it for is marketing than you’re only scraping the barrel of opportunity.

Social media is like none other type of platform.

You can reach new people, find interesting content, keep up-to-date with interesting brands, and more. When you look past trying to gain a click to your website (or trying to sell) you really start to see its benefit.

Here are some of the different ways you should be using social media:

A. Customer Support

It goes without saying that platforms like Facebook and Twitter should be considered for customer support. It cuts through the hassle of waiting by the phone because the messages reach you (or can be quickly found through monitoring).

Customer support through social media, however, should be a real commitment since people may come to rely on the speed of response through the platforms. Though it takes additional effort it is certainly worth putting into effect for your business.

B. Freebies

There are many, many individuals that release a ton of great content through social media but don’t readily make it known through other channels.

Through social media you can find exclusive content that could be a major game changer for your business whether it’s an ebook or some kind of new release for a product you may be using.

Start following the industry individuals and take some time out of the day to scan the feeds to see if there is anything that could benefit your business.

C. Events/Meet-Ups

Not every event is going to be created and shared through some event website. There are many that are sporadic and on-the-fly through the use of social media. In fact, you could do the same which would limit the participants to only those that are the true, die-hard followers of the brand.

At these events you could network, pitch the business, and have fun. You can’t do this if all your social media usage is automated and directed at trying to make sales (or clicks).

D. Explore Casual Channels

Sometimes you may have a great idea for a piece of content that may not necessarily fit the tone and direction of your business blog. Social media is perfect because it can be that outlet for the ideas that don’t quite fit. You are able to express those thoughts without it disrupting the blog.

E. It’s Fun

When you’re only using social media for strictly business purposes you really do miss out on some very fun conversations and opportunities to connect with interesting people.

You can go ahead and schedule out those post but do take some time in between to use the platforms for connecting outside of a business-sense. Have fun with the platform by sharing pictures, having random conversations with strangers, poking fun at other brands, or checking in and sharing activities.

The more you use the platforms as a source of fun the easier they are to learn the essentials and how others use it which actually helps with the business side of things (when you get back around to it).

What other ways have you found social media useful for your affiliate marketing business?