As internet marketers, we can truly appreciate the need to have simple jobs outsourced… especially when they are done fast and cheap! One resource that has proven to be extremely useful for affiliate marketers is a micro jobs site called Through Fiverr you can create and hire people to complete simple and micro jobs for around $5 each. With the latest improvements to Fiverr, services can now include $5, $10 or $20 upgrades, which opened up a lot more quality services for web marketing and design outsourcing.

Let’s take a look at some of the attractive jobs on Fiverr and how you can start outsourcing smaller projects to save time and money.

Video Testimonials

A lot of people don’t like to be on camera and work with video… but there are also plenty of people who do. Combine others love for being on camera with the jobs on Fiverr, and you have an instant success for outsourcing your video work. Need a few ideas on how you can use $5 video on Fiverr? Landing pages do extremely well when they have video, and people are more than willing to read a review you have written up, or they can provide one on their own. Quite an amazing deal for only $5.

Paid Tweets!

Though many people still debate if Twitter is a real business because they don’t have a pure business model, there is still plenty of money to be made through their services. One of these methods is through the use of “paid/sponsored tweets”. Many celebrities have been doing this for a while through networks like SponsoredTweets and If you’ve ever taken a look at these services, you will notice that they are very expensive and usually bring very poor results. Through the use of Fiverr, many people are offering sponsored tweets for only $5, and many people have accounts with over 20,000 followers! Stay away from the high end tweet services, as you can get 10x more exposure through $5 tweets.

Backlinks & Link Wheels

The business of link building has always been important… it’s also been very expensive! Link building services through Fiverr has been one of their most successful areas. There are some link builders on Fiverr with over 5,000 successful jobs! Most of the link building is done through article spinning and lower quality links, but they still can prove useful for longtail keyword building and growing sites. Many of the link building services also offer $10 and $20 upgrades, which include spinning articles so they are original, and building links through web 2.0 and social directories. Not all of the link building services offered on Fiverr are recommended, so be sure to do your own due diligence!

Banner & Ad Copy Creation

Need a quick banner for an ad campaign but don’t have the software or know how to make your own? There are plenty of banner design services out there, but many of them will charge anywhere from $37-$67 for a simple banner design. Head over to Fiverr and there will be plenty of designers who can whip something up within 24-48 hours, and for only $5 each. Remember, ugly banners draw attention and get people to click. Don’t forget to split test! Your $5 banner may actually perform much better than a $40 banner!

Writing Services

Just like there are link building and banner design companies, many people are also looking for copywriters to create original content for their web sites. Once again, Fiverr has a wide selection of users who are looking to write articles for you. Most articles will be in the 300-500 word area. Look around the site for the best quality writers and turn around time.

Getting the Most Out of Fiverr

Fiverr is an excellent web site for outsourcing, but it does take some time and work to find the top quality services being offered. As mentioned, many people are offering upgrades for an additional fee, be sure to find the best upgrades and also search for jobs based on “Rating” and “Express Jobs” for a quick project.

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