#FollowFriday (#FF) has been quite a popular Twitter trend since its early days. All you need to know, for those uninitiated with #FF, is that you make suggestions, to your followers, about Twitter accounts you recommend following (usually it’s people but brands, bots, and other types count too).

Follow Friday, in some ways, works like a recommendation engine in that it helps others find people worth following and due to the number of recommendations – it can lead to the building of authority figures. If you could be the center of this attention then it’s very much possible that you can gain a foothold on the Twitter platform and use it to build your brand and promote your offers.

The following will explain some of the ways you get the most from Twitter’s #FollowFriday.

  • Quality over quantity. Try to stick to just one or two recommendations during the day. You may have plenty on your list that warrant a recommendation but quality really trumps quantity in this situation. By sticking to one or two recommendations you can give you reason for the recommendation (explained in the next item). Besides, there’s always another Friday to make a new recommendation so stick with one or two so you can manage your interactions.
  • A reason for recommendation. You should make an effort into why you’re recommending another account to give some kind of context to your followers. What you don’t want is something like ‘#FF @MyFriend’. It’s better to do something along the lines of “#FF @MyFriend because he shares incredible insights about link building’. This lets people make a better judgment into whether they’ll follow (and actually helps the person since they aren’t suddenly being flooded by followers for the sake of doing #FollowFriday).
  • Pairing them with offers. A strategy you could use with #FF is having your recommendation paired with an affiliate link to a product/service they offer. You could make your recommendation and follow it by creating a discussion about their offer which could become a full-on Twitter chat. During that time you could talk about how you’ve implemented their product/service, invite them to answer community questions, and share content you’ve created around this offer (further promoting it).
  • Showing your humility. If you received a recommendation it would be wise to take that time to interact with the person doing so. This shows your humility. By keeping it sincere you can break away from the stiff image many people may have portrayed your brand. If you can convey the human side to your business you’ll gain a point in empathy and emotion which is one of the deciding factors as to why people purchase from you.

To put it bluntly: use #FollowFriday to champion people on your radar.

When you help build their exposure it will come back two-fold. It’s sort of the “you scratch my back …” type of thing. Step back from the whole marketing mindset for a moment and treat this trend how you would when talking with friends. Make real recommendations. Interact. Show humility and sincerity.

It’s a perfect moment to promote your brand but an even better time to humanize your business.