For years I have always set a daily amount of income I would like to earn which, in the beginning, gives you a lot of motivation to hit those goals.

Over time, however, you start to realize they become limiters.

I noticed this only recently because I had the idea that I would like to earn $200 a day through my online work but when I stepped back I wondered…

Why do I continue to set that limit?

When you set a dollar amount to your work you are doing yourself a huge disservice:

  • You’ll only work hard enough to reach that goal
  • You’ll base your lifestyle around that monetary amount
  • You’ll stop seeking new opportunities to grow
  • You’ll settle for less

Business is about making profits.

Sure, there is the giving back side of it all and there is a real joy when you deliver exceptional value to your customers but at the end of the day you base a lot of your success on the revenue.

Here’s what I say to you today… forget the dollar amount.

  • Don’t worry that your new project isn’t making money just yet (it’ll come)
  • Don’t worry about reaching a specific monetary goal each day (it’s arbitrary)
  • Don’t set the ceiling on what you can earn (it doesn’t exist)

Try to optimize every single minute of your day so you are moving forward.

When you feel like winding down at the end of the night and find yourself lying in bed, watching T.V. show after T.V. show, think about what profitable action you could be doing that very second.

  • Could you squeeze in one more client?
  • Could you work on one new piece of content?
  • Could you run one new campaign?
  • Could you sell one more product?

Many of us get into this mindset of setting a dollar amount to our time but I don’t think that’s the appropriate way to go anymore. By thinking this you avoid doing particular tasks yet end up browsing Facebook, chatting with friends, or reading yet another depressing news article because “it isn’t worth my time” mentality. You get this ego that the work is below you even though it could be earning you money!

Just forget it.

Do as much as you can each and every day and always try to push yourself one step further.

I look at how I set my goal of $200 a day and sit back, dumb-founded when I shatter those goals because I had it in me all long to go well beyond that goal yet I had it stuck in my head and I tended to stop once I had reached it. I’m sure you’ve done the same.

From this point forward I want you to look at your projects not by how they’re doing today but what they can do in the future. Once you have that vision put all you can into working on reaching (and exceeding) those goals. Don’t set limits. Don’t live by a dollar amount.

Hopefully that lit a fire under a few of you to do something great today.

Image by DrMark.