foxFor us – affiliate marketers, and internet marketers in general – blogging is nothing new. More than that, the fact that you can make significant full-time income from blogging isn’t news either. However, the mainstream media is just beginning to pick up on blogging and noticing its potential.

Just recently, Fox News ran a story on the Blog World convention that was held in New York. In one of the short interviews you can see our super affiliate contributor Zac Johnson.

Here’s a link to the story: Fox News on Blog World.

As you’ve surely noticed the whole story has a somewhat humoristic feel to it, sending an implied message that blogging isn’t such a serious thing to do.

Mainstream media still sees blogging as a hobby, not a career, and it keeps treating it accordingly. However, this situation is bound to change pretty soon. More and more people monetize their online presence in a noticeable form (and scale), and if the trend stays on the rise – which it will – the media will have to realize this too.

What Can Mainstream Media Give Bloggers?

Right now, people get exposed to blogging as a possible career in many different ways. Usually through things like: ads, tweets, articles, word of mouth, or tens of other possibilities.

However, we have to keep in mind that mainstream media still has the most power when it comes to promoting anything, whether a product, an activity, or anything else.

Once blogging becomes one of the standard topics for mainstream media, we will see a significant increase in traffic for some “introductory” phrases to blogging, such as: “how to start blogging,” “how to make money blogging,” and so on.

In essence, mainstream media will bring a new wave of traffic, and the next big wave of brand new blogs.

What This Means to Affiliate Marketers?

Affiliate marketers can capitalize on this by launching new sites targeted towards beginners in blogging. People who can get ahead of the main craze are always ones who make the most money.

If you’re in the blogging niche, you should start planning new campaigns as soon as possible.

In your keyword research you should pay attention to keywords that are on the rise even though they might not be worth pursuing just yet. Some keyword phrases that are not that popular right now can become very popular in the near future.

New people entering the blogging niche are always interested in various ways of making money from it. Luckily, there are many great products you can promote to such an audience even today.

What’s your take on this? Do you think blogging will explode as a mainstream topic anytime soon?