Throughout this week we are taking a focus on free tools that’ll help with the content marketing element of your affiliate marketing business.

Online projects can become cumbersome once you begin to expand.

In time, there is a chance that your information and notes may overlap which creates redundancy.

This redundancy makes it difficult to coordinate your online projects.

Note-taking and content synchronization tools provide a solution to this problem.

The following are a hodge-podge selection of free tools to help you stay organized as your project scope expands within your affiliate marketing business.


Evernote is the equivalent of an online file cabinet.

With Evernote, you have the ability to create notes for just about anything and everything. The software/app is a handy tool for writing and research. It gives you the ability to snip and collect Web resources or import files associated with projects. Syncing across multiple devices means you won’t need to worry about losing data.

There is a lot more to it than using it for notes especially if you dig deep into its rich features but for its basic use of organization – the free version of Evernote is amazing.

Notable Features

  • Capture and save snippets, media, and other Web elements
  • Access through computer, phone, tablets, and other mobile devices
  • Synchronization across all devices
  • Collaborate with team members



FreeMind is a free mind-mapping tool that allows you to “brain dump” your project ideas in a format that allows you to see the relationships between each main element.

You have most likely created some kind of mind map in your past on pen & paper which means the transition to using the tool will be a breeze. Usage of the tool can become very handy for planning out chapters of a book, website structure, marketing efforts, or basic organization and structure of the affiliate marketing business.

FreeMind is very basic in a sense but can quickly become one of your main project management tools for gaining the “big picture”.

Notable Features

  • Extremely simple to use
  • Minimal design to streamline the workflow
  • Ideal for those that want to “brain dump” their ideas



Trello makes organizing projects as simple as writing sticky notes but with online capabilities.

What’s great about Trello is that it’s very flexible for just about any purpose. You can create boards for the content production cycle, use it as a place of inspiration, a basic to-do list, streamline sales pitches, or whatever your fancy.

The software/app is somewhat similar to how you view Pinterest in usage of boards but it goes deeper with the ability to add in comments, checklists, attachments, labels, team members, and more. Being free it’s definitely worth the look if you need a simple tool to keep track of projects.

Notable Features

  • Simple board-style organization that’s easy to create and understand
  • Delegate tasks and collobrate with team members on projects
  • Upload and attach files and other media as resources
  • Synchronization on computers and mobile devices


Keep It Simple

Usually these types of free tools list are littered with dozens (sometimes hundreds) of links to resources but that’s kind of overdoing it because it doesn’t give you a good sense of where to start.

Instead, we’d recommend choosing one of these from the list and test out how they work for you.

Then look into others that cater to your specific needs.

Keep those projects organized!