Throughout this week we are taking a focus on free tools that’ll help with the content marketing element of your affiliate marketing business.

People (and Google) absolutely love online video.

So much so that people have opted out of paying their cable bill in exchange for watching most (if not all) of their videos online.

Short, medium, or long, if the video is good than it’ll have an audience.

Video can help you teach. Video can entertain. Video can be the vehicle for your online business.

The best part is that video is actually quite easy to make plus it’s not all that expensive especially when you put to use one of the following free tools to shoot and edit video content.


Your Cell Phone

Start off simple by using your smart phone which has video recording capabilities.

You can use your phone to capture great video of your business as it’s happening in real-time. Share what’s going on behind-the-scenes of your product development. Share updates and news. Create short and funny videos related to your industry. Go all out and record full-length features by setting it up using a tripod and microphone.

The quality of video coming from your phone is more than enough to share on sites like YouTube, Instagram Video, or Vine. Throw the video into a site like YouTube and you can use their built-in video editor for free.

Notable Features

  • You most likely already possess a phone for business
  • There are many free apps to edit and publish video
  • You’re not limited as to where you can record video


XiliSoft PowerPoint to Video Converter

What’s a tool you have most likely used for presentations that could become a source for video?

Ding, ding, ding! It’s PowerPoint.

XiliSoft’s PowerPoint to Video Converter is a tool that you can use to convert PowerPoint presentations into videos. The process is extremely easy to do since it only requires you to have an understanding of PPT. Not only could you embed your PPT presentations onto your website or on sites like SlideShare but you can then turn them into video to share on YouTube – that’s a triple win.

The free version of the software is basic and has a few restrictions but if it allows you to get a jump into video using resources you’ve already created than why not give it a try?

Notable Features

  • Quick and easy conversions
  • Multiple file output formats
  • Add commentary, background music, and watermarks



The free tool created by Screencast-o-Matic is perfect for getting into screencasting.

With screencasting you can easily create videos of what you’re doing on your computer screen. These types of videos can be amazing at sharing information through tutorials. The free version does cap off at 15 minutes and includes a watermark but it’s a great entry point for those wanting to create these types of videos.

From there, you could take the leap into other types of screencasting tools like (which now has a screen recording mode) or Camtasia studio.

Notable Features

  • No need for installation
  • Free hosting for videos
  • Publish in multiple file formats or directly to YouTube


Embrace Online Video

Online video is a great tool for sharing your ideas while adding personality to your brand. Video gives people the ability to hear your voice and see your face which leads to an increase in trust. Through trust you will find it easier to sell your affiliate offers.

Video, as a whole, will let you cut through the noise since so few marketers have fully embraced the media. You will outrank the competition in many ways because you have something extra to offer.

As you can see, through these resources, it’s easy to get started with video. Don’t be afraid of the media.