Throughout this week we are taking a focus on free tools that’ll help with the content marketing element of your affiliate marketing business.

Creating online content doesn’t require you to have a masterful understanding of grammar, style, tone, and structure … but it does help.

Effective content can carry a message no matter how you choose to cover the topic; the ability to structure it in a logical, easy-to-read, engaging manner will allow the novice writer become a content production powerhouse.

If you want to write faster, better, and with fewer mistakes without the tedious process of editing and formatting than you should consider the following free tools to improve and streamline your written content.


Writing Templates

The minds behind have created an extensive amount of writing templates and tools that will streamline your writing process.

The templates include: plots, character profiles, perspective, and more.

Using the templates, in your business, will allow you to easily inject a story into your blog and book writing (an essential element to keep readers engaged). The character profile is especially interesting because you could use it to create a customer avatar to help your marketing efforts stay focused on a targeted segment of the market.

They have many other writing tools available, too.

Notable Features

  • Very easy to understand and use
  • Structured for efficiency
  • Writing workflow



If you feel that you are too easily distracted when writing than FocusWriter may be right up your alley.

FocusWriter gives you a minimal writing environment which hides the user-interface so you’re less likely to feel distracted by pop-ups, notifications, or tempted to open files and tabs. You have all the main elements of a word processor with the tool and it comes available for all operating systems.

It may be hard to adjust in the beginning but testing this tool could become exactly what you need to knock down big chunks of your writing.

Notable Features

  • Very, very simple interface
  • Customization with timers, alarms, sessions, and more
  • Improves your immersion



PaperRater takes the process of writing and puts it into hyper-mode.

The service will proofread your text and use their extensive library of grammatical mistakes to help you fix the work as opposed to the limited suggestions used in many word processors like Microsoft Word.

The service also includes the ability to receive suggestions for alternative words that will fill out your writing so you’re not stuck repeating the same text over and over. The tool is excellent for those in need of producing high-quality content such as in academia, business reports, or writing books.

Notable Features

  • An extensive list of grammatical mistakes that can be checked and compared
  • Vocabulary suggestions
  • Plagiarism check


Keep On Writing

There may come a point when you psych yourself out of creating written content – you hit a mental block – and the more you put off writing the more difficult it becomes to get back in the saddle.

Remember that something is better than nothing.

Keeping your readers updated with fresh content will keep them (and search engines) happy.

Use the tools we’ve shared to streamline the process to eliminate writer’s block; improve your efficiency in writing so your ideas flow onto the screen.