The Facebook cover photo for your fan page says a lot about your brand. It’s there to draw the attention of the visitor and pull them into the feed.

Your average FB cover photo may be a photo you’ve uploaded (which is fine and all) but it doesn’t quite stand out for your brand. Your next course of action may be to purchase a basic stock photo.

You don’t necessarily need to do this, truth be told, because there are already a lot of great tools out there that can create amazing cover photos absolutely free (though still check for the watermarks and whether you can use the image under Creative Commons).

Here are some that we found:

1. GraphicRiver

GraphicRiver is part of the Envato Marketplace (that we’ve reviewed before) so it immediately came to mind as one of the go-to places for excellent and unique FB cover photo templates and designs. For a few bucks (most of the time $2 – $3) you can find ones that are very attractive and also serve multiple purposes outside of just looking pretty (like an inclusion of call-to-actions and more).

Check out their offers:

2. InstaCover

This handy tool really begins to bring together your social feeds all into one place. The draw to this one is that it easily makes collages right from your Instagram photos. There are various templates to use and many additional customization tools to make something special.

Check them out:

3. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is quite a powerful online graphics tool. The features are many that you’d find in Adobe Photoshop without the hassle of learning all the layout. You can crop, resize, rotate, add text, effects, stickers, and the like. You can touch up photos and of course… make an FB cover photo. It also has the ability to collage images like our other example. What makes it really powerful is that you can source your images from your computer, Facebook, OneDrive, DropBox, or Flickr.

Check it out:

4. MyFBCovers

MyFBCovers is about as basic as you can get because they are simply pictures that are already sized to fit in your cover photo. There are many different categories to choose from. The images are high resolution but do often come with a watermark (but I’m sure you know how to get around that).

See the offers:

5. CoverBash

CoverBash is last on our list but shouldn’t be discarded since it’s at the end. The online editing tool has a ton of easy-to-use features that allow you to upload pictures and begin editing the design. It works great in the sense that it shows you where the cover photo will sit in relation to your profile pic which can make for some very unique designs if you’re in the creative mood.

Try it out:


Not having a great cover photo isn’t the end of the world but seeing that they’re extremely easy to make (and can be done for free) it’s still worth your while to take a few minutes out of your day to make.

Go on and try out and try some of these tools and see what you can create. Consider sourcing a graphic designer that can make the image then hand it over so you can tweak and play with the design. Seek out neat photos you find on photo blogs and marketplaces. There are a ton of resources out there.

Let us know if you found better resources with a comment or mention over on our Facebook page.