It just so happens that your earnings are often directly related to the amount of time you put into your affiliate promotions throughout your daily schedule; you’re often focused on grabbing the ‘low hanging fruit’.

So what’s an affiliate marketer to do when you’ve already tapped all their available time and cleared out the easy wins?

You could certainly take an outsourced approach whereas you pay others to do the work but this costs money which you may not readily have available at this time. Alternatively, you could cannibalize some of your projects to free your time though this also causes problems if you’re passionately attached to the activities.

Here’s a consideration: make the most from your promotions.

Easier said than done, right?

The following will give you a handful of suggestions and action steps for doing exactly that – making the most from your affiliate promotions to free up time to invest back into your work so you can reach the next level of your business.

Leverage News & Updates from the Producers

You’ve done the hard research work about the big affiliate promotion in your industry, gave it a test run, tracked results, published a review, and did a bit of content promotion – so, what now?

In time, most products and services fall out of favor due to the continual update and releases by competition within your industry – some good, some bad – which means that all of your hard work is short lived so you’re off to work on the next set of promotions.

Do: How about, instead, you keep in touch with the product/service producers and readily publish news and updates to keep it fresh in the minds (and interests) of your community.

How: Contact the person/company behind the products you promote and ask to be included on any press releases or personal messages about changes to the items; develop your own cycle of press releases to your community, link to your reviews, and send this updated information to those that have purchased the affiliate offers as courtesy and support.

Create a Series of Articles for the Key Points of the Product

Click through one of your product/service promotions you have running on your site.

You’ll notice that sales pages are in ‘sections’ which almost always have descriptions of what’s included in their work (a table of contents, if you will). This break down gives you a great launching point for creating a mass of content related to these common problems which can be paired with the product promotion to reinforce the benefits of its purchase.

Do: Create a series related to the items you find in the “table of contents” of the products/services; link to the product pages or your review throughout the piece, and then add it all together for additional promotional mediums such as a free ebook for your list or downloadables on document sharing websites.

How: Spend an hour examining the content of a sales page and copy down each of the main points it’s trying to make to the customer. Look for questions and stories which reveal the problems it’s trying to introduce to the reader. Jot down short answers to each of these questions/problems and then develop them into full-fledged pieces of content for your website (500 – 800 words). Then, package the entire series into other multi-media formats so it can be distributed to other platforms.

Try Your Hand at Creating the Banner Ads

You should give it a go at designing banner ads even if you aren’t the designer type.

Generally, you’ll find most affiliate resource pages offering a variety of banners for nearly any and every size you’d find around the web; bigger products/services have a wider selection. Sometimes, these banners just don’t do the trick as they are generally broad in targeting the niche audience and may not be within your exact demographic.

So, what’s there to do?

Do: Craft banners on your specific demographics and community based on your feedback and analytical data to increase your chances of conversions since the advertisement matches the viewer with greater clarity.

How: Take an afternoon to learn the basics of Photoshop or other graphical editing software (or even online tools) along with banner advertisement best practices. Find images on stock photography websites and pair the graphics with copywriting, headlines, and call-to-actions which fit your promotions and community targets. Consider taking a course on graphic editing if you wish to truly experiment with your own banner creation (which also aids in the development of other graphical elements of your website and campaigns).

What’s Your Suggestion?

Do you have a strategy for getting the most from your affiliate promotions? Share it with the rest of the community; let’s create a great resource for scaling back our work while keeping our profits soaring.

Over to you …