YouTube is an excellent platform to conduct video marketing because it’s the largest of the video sharing websites, readily claims top positions in Google search, and has a load of neat features that would delight any affiliate marketer.

The process of developing video, for YouTube, is easier than ever and can quickly transform your affiliate business into an authority powerhouse if used correctly. A simple $100 setup (which includes a camera and editing software) is one of the smallest investments with the greatest rewards in terms of brand exposure, link building, monetary gain, and content production.

It’s a fact that video has higher conversion rates in comparison to text and audio. But one thing you may not have completely mastered the command of is gaining views on your videos. Your video may be active and out there but like any great piece of content: you need to do a round of promotion.

Here are three quick and easy ways to get more views on your YouTube videos:

1. Use Call-to-Actions to Gain Subscribers

Mastery over the use of call-to-actions will turn an otherwise tired video into a lead generation magnet.

YouTube has many great features within its system to build a following on the platform and by taking these steps to ensure you’re creating effective engagement, you’ll amass one which allows you to instantly boost your views when subscribers are alerted from a new addition to your video line-up.

There are a few easy ways to inject a CTA into your YouTube vids:

  • Insert an intro and closing title (along with video overlay) with a written link to your YouTube page. These overlays and titles will encourage viewers to take action and will also be helpful when embedding (or sharing) your video outside of the platform.
  • Audibly ask for your viewer to subscribe.
  • Insert strategic annotations that point to other videos or your page.

Of course, you could always pay for advertising on your own videos with links back to other pages on your website which could be used to gain subscribers. Try a few methods and keep it consistent.

2. Leverage a YouTube-centric Facebook Tab

Facebook may have phased out a lot of the traditional landing pages, on the network, but now you’ve got a whole load of extra options through apps and fan page tabs.

Consider hiring a developer (or roll up those sleeves on the DIY end) and put together a page that’s completely dedicated to your YouTube videos – and have it within a tab on your Facebook fan page.

It’s easy to customize a tab on Facebook with a little working knowledge of HTML/CSS and the use of a graphics editor (to customize the tab picture). There are also plenty of designer resources which now include custom Facebook pages and tabs – give some of these a try.

Alternatively, you could utilize:

  • ThruSocial
  • PageModo
  • AppAddictive

Once you have the tab setup, it’s just a matter of converting your Facebook followers into YouTube subscribers. Likewise, you’ll have the ability to regularly update your followers when you’ve released a new YouTube video and they won’t even need to go over to the site – they could just jump on over to your YouTube tab!

3. Embed and Homogenize the Videos

The layout is always changing but the option is still there if you wish to embed YouTube videos onto your website.

Here’s a quick video of the process:


Doing so opens your video submissions to your community (if they had not known of your video work) but can also come in handy in various parts of your work.

You could increase views (and site engagement) through the following strategies:

  • Have your best video on the sidebar
  • Use a video in the About Me page
  • Show off your services with video
  • Embed your videos in content when referencing the topic
  • Create landing pages with your video

Of course, you also have the option of sharing your videos within guest posts and other submissions to relevant websites.

That little snippet of code allows you to take the video anywhere you’re present; use your knowledge of content creation and marketing to homogenize your videos between your website and your YouTube page – bring it all together.

How do you go about getting extra views on YouTube?

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