Mobile marketing is going to change the world and has already begun to see its adoption across a wide range of industries. However, this form of marketing is still relatively untapped and only time will tell before we see large scale campaigns come into fruition through the platform.

With that being said, you will find yourself in the world of mobile marketing in due time because cell phone adoption is stronger than ever; you now have an incredible opportunity to send your marketing messages directly to the eyes and ears of your desired customer without the hurdle of having them sit in front of the TV, read an email at their computer, or pick up a local newspaper.

The Future is in Mobile Marketing

As people find themselves less and less in front of the computer and more attached to their phones and tablets, we marketers need to accept that traditional, trusted forms of online marketing may be the thing of the past within the coming decade.

People have traded off turning on the TV for the news or sitting down in front of their computer for emails as their first task of the day in place of checking their status updates and messages through their phones and tablets.

This monumental shift is explained, in better detail, with the following infographic:

Doesn’t mobile marketing seem like a no-brainer?

Getting Your Foot in the Mobile Marketing “Door”

A few years ago, there wasn’t much option for getting into mobile marketing but the time has changed and that time is now! We’ve seen the prices for mobile marketing services drop substantially which makes it very affordable for the everyday affiliate marketer. Likewise, this field of marketing is so new and untapped that it’s nearly impossible not to benefit from your entry into the platform.

The companies and tools making the most waves include:

Each provide a unique solution with different price points; they’ll also give you a rundown of how their platforms work but the premise is generally the same: getting through to your subscribers through text messages.

Here’s the thing: mobile marketing can be anything you like.

Need a few examples of how it can be employed? Check it out:

  • Use mobile updates for when food is ready from online orders
  • Send out unique coupons that can be brought into the store
  • Alert your subscribers about new content and offers
  • Funnel individuals to unique offers exclusive to mobile subscribers
  • Gain feedback and give support to your subscribers

You can think of mobile marketing as a short form email marketing campaign. You’re limited on the message size but that’s the gain: you don’t need to create lengthy emails because people want it quick and to the point.

Smart phones can be used to purchase goods on the go which makes it a one stop shopping center but you could also send people to a mobile ready landing page like you’ve done in the past. Again, this platform is not limited.

We’ll definitely see a rise in mobile marketing in the future. Major companies have already begun to roll out their campaigns so it’s a matter of time when we see the everyday marketer and small business owner putting their cell phones to good use and increasing their bottom line – one text message at a time.

What do you think about mobile marketing? Are you ready?