It’s safe to say we all know YouTube.

I won’t say we all know how to use it for business. This is because so many biz owners and marketers refrain from producing video because of some sense that it’s troublesome when, in reality, it’s actually quite easy.

Throughout this week I want to take you from the very basics to a comfortable level with using YouTube in your business. We’ll start with an explanation of the platform and what it has to offer and move through the process of creating videos, gaining subscribers, monetizing the work, and growth.

In part two of this series – I plan to take you through an easy-to-understand process of producing videos for YouTube (and business).

Let’s go ahead and jump right in …

Start with an Idea (and Script)

The video really shouldn’t be the main focus of your work – it should actually be the script.

It’s what you’re saying to the audience. You can easily hop on camera and produce some three minute video but if it lacks value or entertainment than it’s just a waste of time.

  • You need to have a purpose just like in your business and marketing.
  • You also need to have some kind of focus so you stay on topic.

Start with the script.

Write it like you would a blog post but in a very condensed manner. Have an idea for the main topic and break it into sub-topics. Introduce one and lead into the next.

Think of it like trying to help your parents with a computer. You have to take your time explaining the fine details but in a way that keeps them attentive and ready to follow suggestions.

I’m no script writer (and I doubt neither are you) so start with some reading to get a head start on the process (outside of my generalized coverage):

Recording is just a Simple *Press*

I think it’s rather explanatory as to what needs to happen next.

Once you go over your script a few times to get the general idea down pat you should just go ahead and hop into recording a video. You’re in no way under pressure because you can do as many takes as needed so if you make a mistake? No problem – start over.

Use whatever recording product or tool you choose – I’m going to go with using a smartphone camera:

1. Turn the phone sideways and mount it to a stable surface (like a tripod or against a book)

2. Align it to where you’re sitting (don’t sit center – be off to the side just a bit)

3. Press record

4. Hop in front of the camera and start reciting your script

5. Do this a few more times so you have additional footage to work with

Really. You’ve done this a million times but now you’re giving it a purpose for business.

Production: The Absolute Basics

There are a lot of fancy programs and tricks when producing the video. The editing process can be as easy as just chopping it up to make it short and sweet to adding all kinds of effects, transitions, overlays, and whatnot.

For our purpose of getting a jump into this whole YouTube thing I would recommend you keep it to the basics:

  • Have some kind of opening (which could be a short video showing your brand)
  • The main body content
  • An outro (where you can do your call-to-action)

Quick cuts will suffice. They will shave off the pauses between your speaking (and also give it a bit of a visual jarring effect which keeps viewers engaged).

This topic of editing video is a little difficult to explain by words so here is a video showing off some of the basics – click on the image to jump to the video page.

As for which editor to use – it’s up to you (and your budget). Personally I use Sony Vegas, Camtasia, or the built-in video editor in Windows. There are bigger and better programs out there (like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere) but, personally, I’d say to try out the easy ones before you go wild.

You can also find a good amount of online video editors (including one built into YouTube), too.

Getting it on YouTube

Really just two more steps here:

  • Make an account for YouTube (or link your Google account)
  • Upload the video (and add in the title, description, category, and tags)

YouTube is very straight forward when it comes to uploading content so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting it on the platform.

Click the image to jump to video page.

All you really need to stay attentive of is using keywords in editable areas to gain a little SEO action.

  • Didn’t like the finalized product? No worries – take it down.
  • Think you could do better with the title, description, etc? Make the edits.
  • Video doesn’t look like it fits right? Go back and rerender in a different resolution.

That’s really all’s there to it.

If you want to get into it deeper just take a look around for resources pointing you to “SEO for YouTube” or something like that and you’ll be better off than a majority of those uploading videos (especially your competitors who probably aren’t even bothering with video). You could use this guide, for now.

Final Words

There are far better, in-depth books, video series, and guides about creating online video. You should certainly find and make full use of them when you have the time.

But for now … just get something started.

Your first video is going to be horrendous. It’ll sound muddy. The video will be choppy. You’ll look uncomfortable. You’ll have plenty of “oh I should have done …” moments.

Don’t fret. You’re only going to get better with practice.

Shelve the first few videos if you really feel they don’t make the cut.

But keep on track to producing them. You’ll eventually get into the flow of things. You won’t have trouble navigating the video editing software. You won’t have trouble doing the script. You won’t have trouble getting it published. It just takes a bit of time (and time is on your side).

So go, now, and make your first video. Give it a try.