Where do we go from here?

Throughout this week I want to take you from the very basics to a comfortable level with using YouTube in your business. We’ll start with an explanation of the platform and what it has to offer and move through the process of creating videosgaining subscribers, monetizing the work, and now … growth.

If you’ve made it this far into the series then you should already see some of the great returns YouTube has to offer even if you’re just now trickling in the traffic and subscribers.

But now’s not the time to slow down. It’s time to build up momentum.

It’s time to take action and turn your channel (and efforts) into the defining source of information, via video, in your industry.

YouTube Growth Strategies

All the heavy lifting has been done up to this point and quite honestly a lot of what you’ll do in the future is just simply repeating what’s worked in the past.

However – I want to leave you off with a few last items to try in order to grow your YT presence (and leverage it for business):

  • Pander to Social – Use the data you’ve collected from the analytics built within Facebook, Twitter, or other social sites to find which videos were frequently watched. Then, begin creating more of those types of videos and get them onto the specific social channels where they were well received.
  • Streamline – Consider creating personal videos using tools like Google+ Hangouts. You can record the chats you have with your community or other authorities in your industry. From there you can upload them to YouTube for quick and easy video content. You’ll not only have the ability to pitch offers but working with other authorities will help you build a stronger business network which can lead to many great opportunities in joint ventures, promotions, and marketing efforts.
  • Encourage Community Action – Turn the tables. Teach your community how to create videos and encourage them to create these videos about your company. For example – when contacting a customer you could do so via video, ask for their feedback and whether you could turn their words into a video to be shared on your website as a testimonial. Testimonials, as you know, are great for selling products but even more so when you see and hear someone talking about what you have to offer.
  • Consider Advertising – Once your channel takes off it should grow in an organic way but why not give it a little boost by advertising? Start promoting your Facebook page updates via promoted posts. Try driving Google users to a landing page with your best videos. Try getting the content distributed through sponsored blog content. Set a budget, maybe $50 a week, and give it a test for a month.

Just these four items should give you enough to move forward. You could also take a look at this guide to growing your audience or get in contact with other YouTube video creators and ask what they could suggest.

In fact – try creating a mastermind with your circle that produces video. Share some ideas. Help each other promote. Help each other grow.

Final Words

What else is there to say other than to get a start?

I’ve given you enough information throughout this week to cover the basics. Don’t be afraid of video. It’s far easier to produce than you’d think. Once you scratch that “itch” you’ll love doing them … especially when you see what it brings to your business.

Go forth and create videos!