Know this…

Giving up is NOT an option.

Affiliate marketing is a long-term game that requires you to be on top of your skills and strategies each and every day. It’s not for the faint of heart but those that do take up the challenge may see some really incredible rewards for their efforts.

Alas there are multiple reasons why we give up on our affiliate dreams (unfortunately).

The following are some of those reasons but also ways to counteract the barriers so that we may push through the obstacles and reach those rewards we so passionately desire.

1. Listening to the naysayers

When you listen to these people they chip away at passion.

Sometimes it’s for the best depending on the direction you’re going (like if you’re not controlling your budget) but other times it’s simply them trying to discredit what you do.

By letting these individuals talk you down the same will happen to your drive and it’s at that point that you’re willing to call it quits.

The advice is to simply shut it all away and remember that you’re doing what you want to do.

2.  Becoming too comfortable

You need to keep your ego in check.

Your ego is what generally settles you in a comfortable position. You tell yourself that you’ve obtained success so all you really need to do is ride it out. Wrong. You have to change when it’s required otherwise you’re going to be smoked by the competition.

The advice is to remember your roots (where you started) so you can keep some humbleness to your work and ethics so you don’t allow your ego to become over inflated.

3. Trying to be a perfectionist

There is a countless amount of individuals that have given up because they were too stubborn with their work due to perfectionism. These are the type of people that scrutinized over every detail to the point that they missed their chance to make it to the market.

It’s great if you set out to make something perfect but at some point you have to be okay with what you’ve created. If you take too long in the production then you may see your competitors swoop in with theirs and claim the market before you can launch. The frustration of missing the opportunity often makes people throw their hands up and calls it quits.

The advice is to have firm goals and milestones with your project and that you do not add more to the project until the main goal is finished; remember you can always add to it after it’s been launched.

4. Expecting the quick wins

Some people will hit it big with affiliate marketing in a relatively short amount of time but this doesn’t always happen and you shouldn’t expect it happen to you.

You should be realistic about your affiliate goals because, like any business, it takes time to grow your audience, brand, and knowledge so that you may conduct profitable affiliate marketing campaigns.

The advice is to get your head out of this idea of quick wins and look at affiliate marketing in the long-haul; see it as a real business you’re building and not just some one-off, half attempt because you were promised a quick turn around.

5. Simply too many distractions

The Web overloads us. There is simply too much to do and we want to do it all. On top of that we get into this habit of learning information we never really need to retain. We often learn off-topics for the sake of learning instead of having a laser focus on what we need to aid with our work.

With all the distractions it’s easy to hop project to project so they never quite reach completion. Other times it might be that you’re distracted long enough that your community has moved on and your brand has lost its value. Distraction can greatly increase your chance of quitting when it prevents you from staying focused on your work.

The advice is to front-load your important work at the beginning of the day, without any external distractions, and then handle the little stuff after the profitable actions have been taken.


There are many, many different barriers that are in place that might stop your success as an affiliate marketer. Actually, it’s all there if you try to do anything business related in reality but these are things we need to overcome in order to succeed. There simply isn’t an option to quit when there is so much on the line and the fact there are so many rewards.

  • Overcome these troubles
  • Learn from your mistakes

Affiliate marketing is just like any other type of business in which you need to put in the time, effort, and energy. Those that do succeed. All you really need to do is not give up.