Arlene and I took a week long break-ation on one of our favorite places to visit, the incredibly beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. I know there have been tons of reviews and stories done about this place but you really have to experience it for yourself to understand why people keep coming back over and over again.

I don’t know if it’s the air, the liquid sunshine (occasional showers) or just the breath taking vistas but something reaches down inside of you and pulls out every sign of stress in your body leaving you relaxed and refreshed. It really is a magical place.

For Arlene and I Maui holds special memories because it was on the island during our vacation in 2002 that we recorded our first Affiliate Buzz podcast. And when I think back to that time I’m always amazed at what we didn’t have. There was no Twitter, no Skype, no Youtube, no FaceBook or social media bookmarks. It was just record it, post it and then do the best possible job of getting the page to rank to get an audience. I think of all the new tools we have available to us as marketers and marvel how far the business has really come.

But the point of this particular article is not to study the evolution of affiliate marketing but to share with you examples of a lifestyle that’s available to you when you get serious about your business. One of the greatest benefits of affiliate marketing is its portability. Unlike a brick and mortar shop, or even an e-commerce store where you sell your own products, an affiliate marketing business only requires a computer and access to the internet. It is not tied down to a single physical location and of course that means that you aren’t tied down either. Keep that in mind the next time you get discouraged with your website.

Here’s a group of affiliate marketers that are taking that benefit and enjoying it to the max!

Extreme travel funded by affiliate marketing

For most of us “taking a break” usually means a getaway weekend or a week or even two at a place we want to visit. However for Jonathan and Carrie Craft that just doesn’t cut it. They have a major case of wanderlust and spent 26 months wandering the globe meeting old friends and making new ones. When they finally returned to the U.S. they had visited 30 countries visiting every continent except Antarctica.

Think about that for a minute. How many people can just pack up and “go on vacation” for over 2 years? Well the answer is (unless you are independently wealthy) nobody…including Jonathan and Carrie. This dynamic duo financed their travels through affiliate marketing and they did it in some innovative ways.

Not surprisingly their blog where they chronicled their travels has a large following and that crowd became an audience that they could sell. If they rented a condo for a period of time they would work a deal for a reduced rate by offering to do a review of the condo and provide contact info and place it on the blog.

High speed internet is not available everywhere which means in parts of the world you can’t use Skype to phone home. You can use a prepaid international calling card so Jonathan and Carrie selected one with an affiliate program and then provided links within the text of their posts.

In other words they looked at everything they did as an opportunity to further build their revenue from affiliate marketing and that financed a trip of a lifetime.

A family affair

Not too long ago our dear friends from Australia Ed and Lois visited us along with their daughter Sasha. I first met Ed when he purchased a copy of my Affiliate Marketers Handbook back in 2002 and since then we’ve crossed paths at industry shows.

Ed is another example of a guy who worked hard to get his business off the ground. Once he did, once he had a sustainable source of passive revenue, he packed up the family and headed out for a world tour that lasted 7 months. And what an experience for his daughter! There are obviously issues to resolve when you pull your kid out of school for that long but a trip around the world is an education unto itself.

It’s there if you want it

One of the attractions of the affiliate marketing business, and it’s even a bigger attraction than the money that can be made for many people, is the freedom that it allows you. It lets you live the way you want to live, not the way a 9 to 5 job tells you how to live.

It’s been my experience that many people who enter the affiliate marketing business simply give up on their business and themselves way to early. Like any business there’s a ton of work that needs to be done in the beginning but unlike most businesses, when you do hit that $100 per day goal the affiliate model just keeps giving.

So if you’re having second thoughts about your website, stick with a while longer. The benefits you can reap, like a trip around the world, are worth all the effort you put into your business.

If you have any comments or if you have a travel story of your own, please share it with the rest of us in the box below.

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