Are you interested in making money with Google’s AdSense program? Join the club! AdSense is by far the most popular contextual advertising solution for web publishers. However, this does not mean you can throw up a few ads and begin to earn hundreds of dollars a day.

Below are six insights into Google’s AdSense program.

Not All Clicks are Created Equal

Many people who are new to AdSense believe that every click should earn them the same amount of money. Not only is this false, you don’t want it to be true. Some clicks will pay out a few pennies while others will pay out $10 or more. It goes without saying that you want to focus on higher paying markets. Of course, you are not the only one sharing this line of thinking.

With the help of the Google Keyword Tool you can get a better idea of the cost per click (CPC) associated with a given keyword. But remember one thing: the CPC displayed by the Google Keyword Tool is not what you will receive. Instead, you have to share some of the profits with Google.

Know the Terms and Conditions

As a publisher, you need to learn from day one that AdSense is anything but a “free for all.” This is one of Google’s prized services and for this reason they keep a close eye on everything that is going on.

Are you going to click on your own ads to boost your income? Are you going to place your ad blocks next to images to trick users into clicking? These are the types of things that can get your account banned.

Like most people you are probably used to accepting the terms and conditions of an offer before actually reading the text. Do yourself a favor and read over every last word of the AdSense terms and conditions page.

You have Options

If you truly want to make money with AdSense you need to experiment with all your options. Google makes it easy to display ads of different sizes and colors. Does red text work best? How about a black background? Have you given any thought to using small square ads or large banners? As you go through the process of generating your AdSense code, you will find that your options run deep.

Once you have visitors coming to your site it is time to experiment with different ad options. In addition to the customizations allowed by Google, don’t be shy about changing the ad placement on your site.

Track your Stats Carefully

With AdSense channels you can easily go overboard with tracking your stats. That being said, you need to focus a lot of time and energy in this department. Google gives you all the tools you need, right from your AdSense dashboard, to be successfully.

You can setup URL channels to see how well each website is performing. You can also set up sub-channels to get a better idea of which ads are performing best.

You must track your stats if you plan on testing new ideas and finding out what works best for each of your sites.

Choose your Niche Wisely

As noted above, some keywords have a high CPC while others hover on the low end of the spectrum. The issue with chasing after high CPC keywords is that you will have more competition. On the other side, non-competitive keywords don’t payout well. On top of this, there may not be many advertisers for your site.

When choosing a niche, focus on finding a happy medium with both the CPC and competition.

AdSense is not a Magic Formula for Getting Rich Quick

So many people believe that making money with AdSense is quick, simple, and everlasting. Unfortunately, this is not the case. If you truly want to succeed with Google’s AdSense program you have to continually tweak your strategy. And just when you think you have it figured out, it is time to dive in and learn more.