On December 14, Google publicly announced the first version of its Affiliate Network API. In short, this will allow advertisers and publishers to automate a variety of tasks related to the company’s affiliate network.

Affiliate Benefits

This release is sure to benefit affiliates in a number of ways. To start, publishers now have the ability to use the Affiliate Network API to access data that advertisers have chosen to share. This includes everything from the advertiser category to the payout rank. Before this update, publishers were forced to manually access this information through the Affiliate Network interface.

On the other side, advertisers can benefit in the same way. They can use the API to look up data being shared by publishers, such as classification and payout rank. As with publishers, in the past advertisers were only able to access this data manually through the Affiliate Network interface.

With the help of the new API, publishers can rely on various filters allowing access to targeted information including EPC among other details. Along with this, events data is also available. If you prefer to manage your stats and reporting within your own system, this gives you complete access to all the necessary data. As a Google affiliate, this will save you a lot of time with administrative related tasks – allowing you to focus more on what matters most: making money.

What are your thoughts on the new Google Affiliate Network API? Is this something you can use to better your affiliate business? Leave a comment below!