In a move that is sure to shake up many industries, Google has begun listing its Google+ brand pages in search results. At this time, only some brand pages are showing up in the results. However, most industry insiders expect this to become widespread in the months to come.

What does this mean to affiliate marketers? In short, it appears that Google made this move for one reason: to encourage brands to join and be as active as possible on the Google+ platform. As an affiliate marketer, taking advantage of this change could help boost traffic and eventual revenue.

Confused about what this means and how it appears in the search results? Take a closer look at the following search for T-Mobile. Immediately following the company’s official website (which is ranked #1) are two Google+ listings.

Google is taking mobile developers back to school! The recently introduced +Android Training classes are designed to help developers make Android apps slicker…”

As you can see, this is used as a “sales device.” By clicking on this message, the user is taken to the company’s Google+ brand page. At that point, more information is given including posts, photos, videos, and user comments.

There is no denying that affiliates can benefit from the use of a Google+ brand pages as Google has a preference for brands. For this reason, it makes sense for affiliates to follow closely behind. Down the line, affiliates will be able to effectively devise plans for capitalizing on this addition to the search results. However, the immediate need for affiliates is to simply get involved as to be positioned for future success.

Regardless of whether or not you use your actual Google+ brand page effectively, to give your site the best chance of being found in Google you need a brand page. By presenting yourself as a trusted brand, your chance for search engine success will greatly increase.

Consider this data:

A survey by BrightEdge, a leading SEO company, shows that 61% of the top 100 brands in the United States created a brand page within the first week of availability.

The fact that Google+ brand pages are being crawled and indexed should be enough for any affiliate to get involved. This is a great way to grow your online network and increase traffic, while giving yourself another chance to share content.

Remember, if it is important to Google it should be important to you!