As if internet retailing was not growing fast enough, Google plans to jump in with a new shipping service to pick up the pace.

Although Google’s bread and butter is in the web-search space, the company is in talks with several major shippers and retailers about creating a new shipping service. But this won’t be just any shipping service. Instead, it will allow consumers to receive their order the next day for a low fee.

Anybody who knows anything about online retailing can recognize that Google is targeting Amazon with this move. For $79/year, the Amazon Prime program offers members faster shipping at no additional charge. Thanks to this upgrade, sales increased by 42% over the first three quarters of 2011.

Despite the fact that talks are just getting underway, some retailers have already expressed an interest in Google’s quick ship service. Sources report that the company has pitched its idea to many of the biggest retailers in the world including Office Max, Gap, and Macy’s.

Does this mean that Google plans on selling items directly to consumers? All you affiliate marketers out there can breathe easy. Google has no plans on selling directly to consumers. Instead the company will use its power search engine to push shoppers towards participating retailers.

On the surface, it appears that this type of service will only help the affiliate marketing industry. Consumers will be more prone to purchase online if they know they can receive their order within a day.

For affiliates, pushing products that are eligible for this offer will be another way to attract larger numbers and increase conversions.

According to Forrester Research, the online-retail industry is set to grow 12% to $197 billion. Although Amazon is the number one online retailer in the business, Google is hoping to dilute their market share with a fast shipping program.

With Google hoping to release the new service sometime during 2012, it is time for affiliate marketers to consider how this can benefit their business.