Fiverr is a marketplace where you can find individuals to do just about anything for $5.

The platform is a real treat when looking for fun and goofy gigs but when you start digging deeper you’ll realize it’s a gold mine for business purposes.

Fiverr allows you to grow your business much like tapping into outsourcing, virtual assistants, or freelancing … but at an affordable price.

Turnaround time for gigs are generally very fast (most tend to be 24 – 48 hours). There are also options for upsells that improve the quality of work you’re receiving (which is worth it in some cases).

‘Starter’ Content

Fiverr has many gigs that offer writing services.

These gigs generally range around 500 words which is more than enough for you to hit publish but the reason I say ‘starter’ content is that you should certainly touch them up before sending them out.

Tailor the content, basically.

Suggestion: Use the writing services to fill out content when you’re too busy.

Press Releases & Submission

Another writing service you may want to check into are those related to press releases and submission.

Press release writing is a little different than blog posts. Instead of going through the hassle of learning the format you can just pass off this work to someone offering a gig. The bonus, here, is that you can also find someone to submit the press release which will save you a good amount of time.

Suggestion: Use press releases when you’re releasing new products and service updates.

Link Building

Link building is a tedious task that, if you ask me, nobody really enjoys.

Passing this kind of work to someone offering a link building gig may be a good choice for your business especially if you’re trying to combat Penguin updates.

I would be careful, however, and do your homework. Make sure the provider is building legitimate links and not just running it through a program, sending them off to crummy sites.

Suggestion: Look into ‘link wheels’ which will provide the maximum benefit for link building.

Virtual Tasks

You don’t have all the time in the world and some tasks may be below your value.

Handing the tasks to a virtual assistant is the way to go. Fiverr has a ton of individuals providing short virtual assistant positions which you could use to do tasks like write email newsletters, edit content, convert files, collect data, and much more.

Just be careful with the data you provide since these positions are temporary.

Suggestion: Hand over the tasks you hate, save time, and keep your focus on the things that matter.


Feel that you’re going off the rails in business?

There are consultants on Fiverr that will give you their opinion for $5. These individuals are from all over various industries so a combination of gigs would give you a median opinion about how to best move forward with your business.

Just take everything with a grain of salt.

Suggestion: Identify a specific item about your business to discuss to maximize the feedback.

Audio & Visuals

There are a lot of creative folk on Fiverr.

Browse the listings and you can find many artists that can do a broad range of graphic design and work. Likewise, you can find musicians that can make jingles for your podcast or videos. You could get ebook covers, video graphics, animations, banners, flyers, and a ton of others.

Suggestion: Try using this for freebies you’re sending to lists or explainer videos for your site.

Sell Something + Upsell

Of course, you could always join the site and begin selling services.

$5 isn’t a whole lot but if you work the upsells you can make some decent money to the side.

I would say to find something you can offer that takes less than 10 or 20 minutes. Keep it easy but valuable to the customer. Then think of ways to add premium service to the gig so you can reach your pay value per hour.

Give it a try. It’s not too hard.