Here’s a real tricky question that you may have thought at some point:

“Is it better to simply write articles for other websites or keep to writing a blog on my domain?”

Guest blogging is a great way to build an audience, backlinks, and exposure to your website but it also means that content you produce isn’t readily available to be found on your website.

Blogging, on the other hand, allows you write whatever you want on your domain so those that discover your content through search engines are coming directly to you rather than a third party.

Both of these strategies have their pros and cons.

Do you leverage established websites for growth or build it, organically, by offering the information on your domain?

Let’s look into the matter …

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging, the action of writing blog posts for relevant websites within your industry/niche, is a great place to start if you want to bring exposure to your brand and offers but can have limitations due to publication on a domain other than your own.


  • Tap into a new community and convert readers into customers
  • Build powerful links back to your website to increase search ranking
  • Connect with fellow website owners and grow your network


  • The post may go unnoticed if there are many guest posters
  • Failure to optimize the article, for conversions, doesn’t help much
  • You could “burn” bridges with website owners submitting low-quality information


Blogging, the act of producing content for your website, is a great way to share your expertise, grow your search traffic, and authority within a niche but it can be difficult, at times, if you’re just getting started and trying to get noticed.


  • Capitalize on your information and push product/service offers
  • Interlink and build a deep experience for visitors
  • Improve search placement and website traffic


  • It’s easy to go unnoticed if you’re just starting
  • The time and effort needed can be very demanding
  • You may not know your audience and create content that falls on deaf ears


The obvious choice is to do a bit of both. However, if you were forced to pick just one than it’s obvious that blogging for your domain is the way to go. You’ll naturally grow your search traffic through new pages of content that will be indexed. Likewise, you can leverage each piece to work on another which will lead to a better experience and transfer of value to your visitor – thus improving the chances they’ll purchase one of your products/services or convert on an offer.

However, it depends on your business and industry, as well. You may have a better return on investment writing for industry magazines or websites if you’re trying to obtain higher level individuals within a B2B sales environment.

The best course of action is to test both: try guest posting, by itself, for some time, then do blogging on your domain – then blend the two and see which of these provide the best value for your time.