As an affiliate marketer, you should always be looking for new ways to diversify your portfolio. By getting involved with Forex (foreign exchange market) you are putting yourself in position to take advantage of a hot market that offers large payouts and multiple high-level programs.

When it comes to financial affiliate programs, those with a focus on Forex are growing quickly for a variety of reasons including:

  • High commissions
  • A growing number of traders interested in the foreign exchange market
  • Multiple promotional strategies across multiple products and offerings

Revenue Options

Affiliates have one thing on their mind: increasing conversions as a way of earning more money. Fortunately, with a Forex program you don’t need to convert many people in order to increase revenue.

One large deposit or one high-turnover trader could put thousands of dollars in your pocket. Imagine how much you could earn if you were able to generate a large number of leads.

  • Cost per active trader. With this structure, you receive a one-time payment for each active trader referral. With most programs, you receive the equivalent value of the initial deposit. You receive payment once the client reaches a required volume. Now for the good part: the maximum CPA is as high as $250.
  • Economic value. If you are not interested in the above payout structure, this one may be better suited to your needs. The economic value is a combination of the effective spread x volume traded.

Tip: experiment with both options to determine which one is right for the type of traders you are attracting. After several months, you should have a solid understanding of which one can earn you the most money.

Related Products

In addition to referring actual traders, there are many products related to the foreign exchange market that have an affiliate program. These include: Forex signals, Forex VPS hosting services, and trading courses.

Final Word

Despite the fact that Forex affiliate marketing is becoming increasingly more competitive, it can still be very rewarding to those with a good grip on the market. Unlike most affiliate programs, one conversion can result in a large payout (as noted above, up to $250).