Social media provides a unique opportunity for affiliate marketers because there is a low overhead (free!) when using the tools and you’re able to find the exact type of individual that wants to hear your offer.

Combining the two, social media and affiliate marketing, opens a new platform to build your brand and business without doing an inordinate amount of work.

Why Does Social Media Matter?

You may have, at some point, given social media a shot but found that the majority of your conversations weren’t all that relevant. Likewise, you may simply feel that social media is a waste of your time especially if you could be working on other important items in your business.

Don’t throw social media under the bus just yet.

Social media matters because it’s where your customers go to talk about their problems, look for solutions, and share valuable information which can be used within your business.

Platforms like Twitter are especially valuable because it provides an instant source for feedback with your existing customers but also gives you the opportunity to find new leads. Facebook, the largest social platform, is a hotbed for building your brand, advertising, and consumer research. Even LinkedIn, a business social network, could provide an incredible opportunity for joint venture ship with fellow affiliate marketers (which you may not have known existed prior to using the platform).

All-in-all, social media gives your business a voice – something that can’t be truly said for traditional advertising mediums.