Throughout this week I thought it would be a great time to start a short series related to sharing hand-picked tutorials about all aspects of creating sites, online business, and affiliate marketing.

It’s my belief that learning different approaches can help you in the long-run of your affiliate marketing business because it will give you the understanding and know-how of best practices and procedures of the topic. Understanding and implementation of these best practices and procedures will greatly reduce the time, money, and resources needed to complete your goals.

The focus today will be placed within content creation.

Whether you’re just getting a start in affiliate marketing or have built a few affiliate websites in the past – I believe you will learn a thing or two that will greatly improve the viability of your business through these tutorials. It may come about as being able to product more content, write better blog posts, understand the process of video, or making tweaks that improve conversions. Whatever it may be you’re bound to find something of value from the selection of these hand-picked tutorials.

Now, let’s get to the list …

14 Unique Types of Content Every Marketer Should Try

The start of our list gives you a wide selection of ideas for the types of content you could be creating for your affiliate marketing venture. Take a browse through, find which would work for your purposes, and then put them into action!


How To Come up with Great Ideas for Blog Posts, Every Time

Writer’s block can be the death knell of your content efforts. This tutorial will help you consistently tap into your creativity so you’re never left without at least one idea for a blog post for the site.


26 Tips for Writing Great Blog Posts

What makes for great content? In this tutorial/post you’ll find plenty of different tips that’ll bring your content to the next level whether it’s the right scheduling, use of images, types of formats, and more.


How to Create Video Content that Actually Works

After you’re comfortable with creating text-based content I would recommend you begin exploring video since it’s actually quite easy to produce and does wonders for building your brand and online presence. This article shares how it’s done.


How to Start a Podcast

Prefer your voice as the main medium for your content? Let Pat take you through the complete process.


How to Optimize Content for Marketing

Being able to create content is one thing but it’s a whole ‘nother game getting people to pay attention to it (let alone act on it). This post (with video) takes you through the necessities so it does well in search and with your community.


4 Ways to Create Content that Sells

Content may help fill out your website, get you found in search, and give you something to share on social networks but if it’s not selling than you’re merely just spitting it out there for no apparent reason (and that’s the opposite of what you need since you’re doing this whole affiliate marketing thing). This tutorial/list shares how you can use your content to sell the offer.


How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy

A content marketing strategy is what’s needed if you plan on doing this for the long-haul. Having one lets you lay out what type of posts you’ll create, when they’re released, how they’ll push offers, and ways they’ll work off one another to build a highly valuable website so you become the authority of your niche.


How To Write Review Blog Posts That Make Money

The content on your affiliate website is a vehicle to build your authority and promote affiliate products (when applicable). This tutorial shares how to masterfully create posts that drive people to make the click and complete the transaction.


21 Call to Action Examples and 3 Rules for Effective CTAs

It’s worth including a tutorial post just about the call-to-action since it’s such an integral part of converting consumers of your content. The title is self-explanatory.



Information is powerful but only if you put it to practice. It’s very easy to glance through this post, make a mental note of which you’d like to do, but never get around doing it. If you have the time then just jump right into it. Don’t put it off. Hop on that drive and use it to work your way through a tutorial.

Once you finish a tutorial – turn to your current work and see where those new skills can come into play.

Stay tuned throughout the week for additional tutorials that will help you as an affiliate marketer and be sure to share this post if you’ve found it helpful.