Throughout this week I thought it would be a great time to start a short series related to sharing hand-picked tutorials about all aspects of creating sites, online business, and affiliate marketing.

It’s my belief that learning different approaches can help you in the long-run of your affiliate marketing business because it will give you the understanding and know-how of best practices and procedures of the topic. Understanding and implementation of these best practices and procedures will greatly reduce the time, money, and resources needed to complete your goals.

The focus today will be placed within graphic editing.

Whether you’re just getting a start in affiliate marketing or have built a few affiliate websites in the past – I believe you will learn a thing or two that will greatly improve the viability of your business through these tutorials. It may come about as being able to develop attractive images for your ads that increase clicks, creating amazing covers for your ebooks and freebies, generating infographics, or simply creating an eye-appealing site. Whatever it may be you’re bound to find something of value from the selection of these hand-picked tutorials.

Now, let’s get to the list …

Teach Yourself Graphic Design: A Self Study Course Outline

Starting off our list is perhaps one of the best, free resources you can find on the topic of learning graphic design. In this outline you will find every major element of the topic covered in great detail through its resources. This is a MUST if you choose just one of the tutorials from our list.


Color Theory for Designers

Color plays a large role in creating perception and reaction. In business you’ll find that the right selection of color can cause greater engagement with your brand and its marketing initiatives which is why it’s an important item to study.


A 20 Minute Intro to Typography Basics

The typography of text influences in more ways than you can imagine. Typography allows you to take plain text and turn it into something with emotion. Your choice in typography matters so make this a priority on your list of things to learn.


Create Your Own Ebook Cover, Step By Step, With Pictures

An extensive tutorial covering the start to finish process of designing ebook covers. This one is handy for all those creating ebooks and freebies but also if you’d like to create other creative work to go along with the promotions.


How to: Animated Ad Banner

Some of the methods of this tutorial are beginning to be dated but they lay out the fundamentals for creating animated banners which is a great start for those jumping into graphic design (and wanting to immediately put it to work for the business) since it’s relatively easy and simple to do.


How to Design a Logo

Perhaps one of THE best articles on the process of creating a logo. This one isn’t a step-by-step tutorial in the sense that the author will walk you through but one that really explains what works for creating memorable logos.


How to Become a Designer Without Going to Design School

Another fantastic, complete overview of what’s needed to learn graphic design. Combine this with the first in our list and you should have no trouble getting your head around the major and minor concepts.


The Best Free Graphic Design Software

Self-explanatory. This is a good round-up of some of the tools you will be using (if you choose to keep it free).


55 High Quality Business Card Tutorials (and PSD’s)

One of the two additions of a round-up to this round-up focuses on creating business cards. I’m including this group because they’re A. very helpful to your business and B. a good place to try your creativity in graphic design.


Design for Engagement – How to Design So People Take Action

The only paid course on the list but couldn’t come with higher praise and reviews. This course combines the psychology of graphic design to get people engaged which is a major requirement for your use of graphics if you want to make the sale.



Information is powerful but only if you put it to practice. It’s very easy to glance through this post, make a mental note of which you’d like to do, but never get around doing it. If you have the time then just jump right into it. Don’t put it off. Hop on that drive and use it to work your way through a tutorial.

Once you finish a tutorial – turn to your current work and see where those new skills can come into play.

Stay tuned throughout the week for additional tutorials that will help you as an affiliate marketer and be sure to share this post if you’ve found it helpful.