The 'classic' headlines still work too!

We all talk about the importance of traffic but let’s get to what really matters: conversions.

Before the conversion, you need to have users opt-in to your message. These next ten headlines are the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to getting subscribers:

  • “By the numbers” – Use your numbers by displaying them (such as subscriber count or earnings) right in the headline; people can’t resist being a part of a big community or following someone that is successful.
  • “The emotional appeal” – Play into the emotions of your visitors; hit the bullet points and headlines that answer their deepest problems and tell that they’ll get the full answer within your list.
  • “The urgent action” – Create a sense of urgency that the information on your list is limited to time; it may get users to immediately sign up and right into the fold.
  • “You can trust me” – Use your authority to get website visitors to sign up to your list. It hooks them in because of the value and trust you hold but let them know that the same level of authority will be found within your list.
  • “Exclusive membership” – Craft a headline that tells that if they sign up, they gain access to an exclusive community which has more value than what’s on the surface (including meeting other like-minded individuals).
  • “Exclusive content” – Make a headline that explains that you have a lot more, exclusive content within your list that you aren’t sharing to the public because it gives an unfair advantage.
  • “The easy way” – Tell visitors that it’s the easiest way to get information. Not everyone understands RSS nor do they want to be on social networks – email works for them so make it work for you by playing into their preferred channel.
  • “The all revealing” – Make a headline that you’ll reveal all of your secrets if they sign up; people want what they can’t have.
  • “The ultimate guide” – Give away a freebie and let people immediately known by using it in the headline. Tell the visitor what they will get when they sign up: an ultimate guide to one of your niches’ (and their) biggest problems.
  • “The over-hype” – Try hyping up the value for your opt-in by making bold claims within your call-to-action as if everything they knew has changed. Get users to take action based on emotional appeal.

These are but a few examples but always play with these and see which fit your website best.