As we continue on the Site-Building Challenge, it’s now time to look at the various kinds of affiliate programs you can use to make money from your site.

It’s likely you already have some idea about the kind of program you want to promote.  If you don’t, you’ll want to stay tuned to this and the next few posts to learn about the different kinds of programs available to you and why certain programs might be a better fit for your website.

If you do have an idea of the kind of program you’re looking at, be sure stick with us so you can explore your options and ensure you’re making a great choice.

In today’s post, I’m going to cover a few good affiliate programs you can find in the health and beauty category.

What I’ll present you with won’t be an exhaustive list. In fact, it’s not even going to be a list of the top converting programs. Instead, I’m going to select a few examples to illustrate the breadth of programs you’ll have available to you in this category, and a few tips that help affiliates get the most out of each program.

eHealth Insurance – A site that allows potential health insurance buyers — individuals, families and small businesses — the opportunity to compare and contrast health insurance plans online. Shoppers can choose from more than 180 health insurance carriers and as many as 10,000 health insurance products.

The plan pays affiliates on a sliding scale on application. So once you drive traffic to the site, you’ll make money as long as those visitors apply.

If you’re blogging about health care and the choices people make when shopping for health plans, this would be a great program. It would also be a good fit if your niche involves giving business advice to freelancers.

Available through Commission Junction.

evitamins – Supplements and vitamins is an evergreen niche. You can offer everything from commonplace vitamins that promote good health to products that are marketed to solve a problem, such as Hydroxcut, which is billed as a muscle builder for athletes.

If your site is about general health, having a link to a site like evitamins is a no-brainer. If your site is about a specific health issue, such as curing acne or weight loss, you’ll want to check the site and see what products would best fit your niche.

Pays a percentage of each sale, with a 30-day cookie. Available through Google Affiliate Network.

Market Health — Established in 1998, Market Health is a clearinghouse that helps  affiliates connect with a variety of products in their niche. Some of the products old by Market Health are designed to promote weight loss, colon health, skin care, men’s health, and women’s health.

The programs from Market Health will do great if you have a site that’s geared around discussing solutions for one of the problems solved by a Market Health product. If your site is about weight loss, colon health, skin care, or one of the other niches, you’ll want to check out the programs here.

Check out Market Health today. — Like Market Health, Sell Health offers a range of solutions in anti-aging, weight loss, skin care, and problem-solving niches. Their products are formulated with all-natural ingredients.

While Sell Health pays a generous commission rate, you’ll need to focus on pre-selling their products to help consumers overcome their unfamiliarity with the brands offered. Sell Health also provides great support in the way of banners and marketing collateral for affiliate websites.

Check out Sell Health today. – This merchant offers meal delivery around personalized meal plans to help customers maintain health, lose weight and control blood sugar. promotes itself as a more flexible, higher-quality, customizable version of Jenny Craig. With lots of options to accommodate tastes and different diets, they are quickly becoming a major player in this space.

If your site is about weight loss, it makes sense to participate in this kind of program. A particularly strong pre-sell of this site could review some of the food, both for taste and nutritional content.

They have 45-day cookie and very fair terms for affiliates.

Check out on Commission Junction.

Action Items

  • Sign up for Google Affiliate Network and Commission Junction
  • Evaluate the programs listed above
  • Find other programs in this category that might be right for your business
  • Start keeping a list of interesting programs

Check back tomorrow for more discussion about selecting great affiliate programs.

Do you have experience promoting products in the health and beauty niche? If so, please let us know about your experience in the comments!