Frequently we will see major trends happening on the Web whether it’s something like the explosive popularity of Gangnam Style or a picture of Grumpy Cat. The Web has its weird quirks where people can become overnight “e-celebrities” – the same can be said about products, services, and other offers.

Some things you can’t monetize (such as a person’s image) but other items are open game.

Using the right trend tracking tools and a bit of ingenuity will allow you to quickly create campaigns that hijack and capitalize on these trending topics – here’s how to get started.

Use the right tools

Most trend tracking tools are generally easy to manage and understand after a few hours; they pull big data by digging through the Web to deliver information based on keywords. The data is then displayed in an understandable format such as a graph or list of numbers associated with your search.

Of the tools available, try using the following to get started with tracking:

First, we’d recommend heading over to BuzzFeed to see what’s happening on the Web. The website is riddled with articles talking about trending people, products, and news; it’s a great place to see what people are talking about especially if you pay attention to the ‘hot’ category located at the top of the page (it looks like an arrow going up).

Assess which of these trending topics have an opportunity to capitalize by using a combination of your gut reaction and graph tools such as Google Trends. Likewise, examine whether there are products on your affiliate network that could work its way into the campaign.

Second, on the topic of research, go over to Google Trends and plug in the keywords for your targeted topic. Google Trends will display data related to the topic via graph, locational data, and related terms.

You can use the tool to refine your search to niche down your campaign to chase the buyer keywords.

After having done the basic assessment of the topic you can further refine your focus through Twitter search which should confirm whether the topic is hot and prime for a market. What you’ll want to look for is whether people are talking – it’ll also be a great exercise to see opinions and feedback about the topic which can be used when creating copy and sales graphics when you launch the project.

Making a buck

Now this is the part where it’s up to your imagination and creativity.

There are two ways that we’d recommend for chasing these trends:

Depending on its trend, building a website around a topic may be the best long-term strategy (in a sense that it won’t be a passing phase). A website can be created quickly using a CMS like WordPress, themes, and plugins – this shouldn’t take you longer than a few hours.

Then you’ll need to populate the site with content which can be done so either on your own accord or through the help of freelancers on sites like Fiverr or Alternatively, you can do round-ups of existing articles on the topic similar to doing news coverage.

Once the site is up you can begin promoting it through multiple channels like content marketing, social media, advertising, guest posting, and more.

A faster way to get the campaign online is to slap together a sales/landing page and running a PPC campaign. This approach does mean you’ll spend money but you can begin seeing traffic as soon as you’re approved. A bonus to this approach is that you can skip over a lot of the heavy work building the site and creating content; you can also use split testing to optimize your campaigns.

Setup a basic landing page associated to your affiliated offer, setup a PPC campaign using a provider like Google Adwords, fund and run the campaign, and do your own bit of promotion.

Bonus: If you see competition going after your targeted trend than you can use their data against using a bit of competitive intelligence strategies.

Not every trending topic will be a hit but that’s part of the game, right? These projects can be kept to a minimum in costs and easily setup in a single day which makes them the perfect way to capitalize, quickly, on trends. Who knows, you may hit it real big!