It’s now reaching that moment of the year where the big guns will begin to roll out major holiday promotions.

Products will fly from the shelves, newsletters will blast holiday exclusives, websites will turn on their holiday graphics, and the social media sphere will be ablaze with chatter.

The topic on hand for this “Ask the Community” is to get an idea of what YOUR plans are for the holiday market – what will YOU be doing in terms of promoting and marketing products during these major events?

We’ve covered a few topics on the matter of holiday marketing, including:

  • How To: Tap into the Holidays (When They’re Not Your Own) – A look into promoting products and services in culturally significant holidays in which you may not normally celebrate; this guide will be very handy if you want to develop horizontal opportunities in your affiliate marketing business.
  • How To: Dominate Black Friday & Cyber Monday – These two consumer holidays are over but it looks to be that year when retailers (online and offline) will be running a slew of deals and major sales events throughout the month of December; these tips can be re-applied to your affiliate marketing venture as they come and go during this holiday season.

Each of your projects may undertake different strategies; some can be applied across the board while others may be unique to each platform – perhaps you’ll throw out all of these suggestions and try something completely new and revolutionary? We want to know!

Share your ideas with others in the comments below.

Together, we can help each other have the best holiday earnings ever!