This holiday season is expected to be the biggest one yet.

Stores have already pushed sales ahead of the normal dates (such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday). Consumers are itching to get their hands on great deals. The Web will be no different.

People have set aside a lot of money to spend on items this holiday – all you need to do is ramp up your promotions and angle it in a way that captures that holiday shopping spirit.

The following are three different promotional strategies you should put into play during this holiday season if you want to earn some very big wins.


An “Essential” Shopping Guide

One of the best methods you can use to drive up holiday sales is by releasing an “essential” shopping guide for your niche.

These guides are amazing because:

A. You can push offers

B. You can have them opt-in

C. You can leverage their popularity for SEO

First and foremost, you gain the ability to easily share and link affiliate offers. You don’t even need to create epic pieces of content around them because people are in dire need to buy something soon.

Second, you can turn this guide into an eBook and offer it to subscribers. Here you will not only increase your email list but you can trickle additional offers each day leading up to the big holidays. Then, you’ll still have them for the remaining year and the next holiday season.

Third, is the fact that if you do create reviews for each of the products, throughout the year, and the post gets popular than you’re going to gain a lot of SEO benefit since it’s all interlinked.


Set out to create a massive holiday gift guide for your niche. Divide the guide into categories for each of your main topics. Also include smaller priced items to be used as stocking stuffers or last minute additions.


Daily Giveaways, Contests, and Deals

If you’re serious about ramping up holiday profits then you want to set a budget dedicated to promotions during this time.

Mainly – the ability to do giveaways, contests, and daily deals.


Each day you could give away something related to you niche. This can be something as simple as a copy of an ebook you created or even something like one free hour of mentoring.

You also have the option of giving away physical items which could be ones you purchase (can be small items around $20) or by working with a supplier that would like the additional promotion within your community.


This pretty much follows the same concept of the giveaway with the exception that you’re trying to get people to participate on a deeper level.

Here you will want to offer a larger prize ($100 – $200 is a good range). Because it’s a big prize you can have people participate by writing a blog post, sharing on social sites, leaving comments, or subscribing to a list.

It’s recommended you use a contest service to handle the influx of submissions.

Daily Deals

Try working with a supplier to get free items in return for promotion or find manufacturers that offer rock bottom pricing for physical items which you can give away each and every day leading up to the holiday.

Alternatively, go the infoproduct route and offer items like ebooks, video courses, memberships, and more.

Giving away items throughout this time will keep people coming back for more. Each time you do a giveaway, contest, or deal you’re getting your name out there. You also have an opportunity to pair it with other affiliate offers and strike while the iron is hot.


Start off by contacting other businesses and entrepreneurs in your niche. Suggest having giveaways throughout the remaining days of the holiday where each offers one of their information products.

Each day offer one of these to your community. Alternatively, set aside a few hundred dollars to purchase items you want to include in physical giveaways (which can be shipped after the holiday season which allows you to hold the event without paying up front).


A “Naughty and Nice” List

If you want to try something fun that’ll give you tons of opportunity to share promotions and get the community involved then consider putting together your naughty and nice list.

On this list you can share which products, services, and even individuals that fall into the two categories. This will allow you to highlight the promotions you recommend and help others avoid the ones that are lackluster.

If you decide to take this approach then set it up so that you’re constantly updating your blog and social feeds. Release each item in the list as if you were live blogging. This will give community members enough time to talk about the items.

This is a great way to have fresh content going live throughout the holiday season. You can also use the feedback from this promotional strategy to attune other campaigns.

The best part is that your list can come together in just a few short hours. Schedule it, sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labor with this automated approach.


Start creating small posts (about 100 – 200 words) targeting a specific item/service. Treat it like a live blog where you’re constantly updating. Then, the following day, expand on the posts which gained a lot of social traction.

Doing this lets you gain SEO benefits from having lengthier content but saves you time by only going after those that are popular. Alternatively, hire a freelancer that can pump out these short reviews and opinion pieces.