hostgatorWe’ve talked about HostGator on multiple occasions, but we’ve never discussed some of the individual features the company has to offer as part of their hosting plans.

That’s why in this post we’re explaining what’s under the hood at HostGator and what it all means to your affiliate business. In other words, find out what’s the reason behind HostGator being among the top hosting companies online.

The Plans

The list of available hosting plans is where we start our discussion. HostGator offers four main types of hosting depending on your size, traffic, and overall requirements:

  • Standard shared hosting. It’s where you share one machine/server with a number of other customers of HostGator’s. This is the cheapest solution available, and it’s perfect for affiliates who are just starting out with a new site.
  • Reseller hosting. It’s where you get to act as a HostGator’s partner and resell their hosting plans to your own clients. This makes sense if you’re running any type of an affiliate agency and you’re the one launching your clients’ sites. In such a case you can offer hosting as part of your service.
  • VPS hosting. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It’s a virtual machine (a software package imitating a server) that runs on a shared physical machine.
  • Dedicated servers. This is the most advanced package you can get at HostGator. Here, you get to lease an entire server (machine) all to yourself (you’re not sharing it with anyone). Such a solution gives you maximum power over your server’s configuration.

Essentially, when you’re just starting out, signing up for a shared hosting plan is the optimal approach. Once you attract some traffic you can switch to a dedicated server, or a VPS hosting plan.

Basic Features at HostGator

The list of features at HostGator is truly impressive, but here let’s just focus on the most important ones from an affiliate’s perspective.

Unlimited Disk Space

This is a prime characteristic of shared plans at HostGator. Every package comes with an unlimited disk space (for normal use). This means that you don’t have to worry about not being able to upload your site and submit your content.

Learn what HostGator’s unlimited disk space can do for you!

Unlimited Bandwidth

The importance of unlimited bandwidth is as significant as unlimited disk space. Essentially, bandwidth is your hosting account’s ability to receive traffic. If you have unlimited bandwidth then your sites can receive as much traffic as you’re able to attract.

Unlimited Domains

This feature is very valuable to affiliates. It is great for testing new niches because you can use just one hosting account to launch a big number of sites and see which ones end up bringing you money.

Dedicated IP and Private SSL

This sounds like an advanced feature, but it is something really worth having. Dedicated IP means that your server will always have the same static IP address. This is good for SEO, and it also allows you to create a private SSL certificate. Private SSL is a secure layer between your visitors and your site. It’s very valuable should you intend to gather any sort of personal data.

Learn more about HostGator’s dedicated IP and private SSL!

Additional Features and Traits

HostGator is known for their overall rich packages. Here are some of the things you get as part of every shared hosting plan at HostGator: site builders, 24/7/365 support (via phone and chat), instant backups (get it done with just a couple of clicks), no contracts (you can cancel at any time without any fees), uptime guarantee (your site will be up 99.9% of the time, or more), 45-day money back guarantee, and there’s also a bonus – $100 AdWords credit.

In the end, HostGator is a great solution for both newbie affiliates and those who have been in the game for some amount of time. Everyone is sure to find a plan suitable for their needs and requirements.

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