Affiliate managers are often asked by affiliates “what are the best offers to promote?” This is a vital question, especially for new affiliates who are entering the affiliate marketing territory for the first time. However, affiliates (regardless of experience level) are wise to dig a little deeper into the way they evaluate the different offers they want to promote. Consumer behavior changes over time and sometimes it is not about what you want to promote, but more about the wants and needs of consumers.

According to USA Today, Americans are spending more money than in 2008 and 2009. However, the American consumer’s taste in products and services being purchased has changed. At the moment it seems that there is a shift in the products and services consumed, whereby consumers are choosing to pay for tangible and intangible items that offer more of an immediate gratification. For example, more men and women are spending their hard-earned dollars on such things as counseling, personal grooming and entertainment. Perhaps with all the daily deals out there promoting things like local nail salons and restaurants, these experiences are more easily attainable than a larger more expensive item like a car. At any rate, if you are evaluating what offers are ideal to promote in 2012, there are a few offers that affiliates may have an easier time promoting to their online audience.


Always a highly sought after product, food is a big seller via online channels. Valentine’s Day and Easter are just some of the key reasons why chocolate is a big deal to buyers between January and April. However, this year, perhaps affiliates can try making the grocery list a part of their online promotional efforts, as more online shoppers are looking to the internet to buy items they need in their homes. Consumers who already buy groceries online and the special deals that come with them enjoy the convenience of having their food delivered. According to Internet Retailer, online home grocery delivery is expected to increase.

Health Products and Services

Surely, affiliates know that the New Year is a big period for health and fitness. It’s clear in offline locations such as gyms where people sign up for memberships to get back into shape after gluttony has taken over during the holidays. However, it’s not just physical exercise that consumers want in 2012. There are new smartphone apps that are specifically focused on health and wellness, which means that users are going to want to search online for items that can quickly remedy some of their own health problems. It’s what refers to as DIY Health. That being said, affiliates may want to look into promoting products and services such as eye and dental care, and even healthy meals.


Consumers are making wiser decisions about where and when to travel. Anyone residing in regions where the climate is colder may likely want to escape their homes for warmer weather. However, keep in mind the many Americans are still cautious with regard to where they spend their disposable income; therefore, they are going to be staying more close to home than people think. When promoting travel offers in 2012, a great strategy should be to promote an offer that is within North America. Consumers are going to seek out travel packages for two or more travelers (sometimes their entire family). Promoting local vacation and hotel offers are a good opportunity to take advantage of this 2012. Additionally, let’s not forget the accessories that go along with that such as luggage and swimwear.

Exclusive Memberships and Trading Up

We already saw an explosion of daily deal sites emerge this and last year, and affiliates can expect this trend to continue into 2012. Daily deals are obviously of major importance to consumers, but being part of exclusive shopping clubs and getting first dibs on retail brands, especially luxury items, are a way for consumers will look to spend money once the offer is conveniently proposed to them via email. Furthermore, swapping apparel, accessories and other items are on the minds of many low-income internet users. Affiliates that specialize in email marketing will benefit a great deal from these types of offers.  Black Friday, Cyber Monday and post holiday season are times when people are often looking for the best deals on electronics, because the original retail prices are just much too expensive. Affiliates can take advantage by promoting offers that provide discounts and the opportunity to swap all year round by promoting these offers to their potential consumers.

What are your thoughts on what consumers will want in the New Year? Please tell us your thoughts in the comment box below.

About the Author

Nicole Young is an affiliate manager at the company Share Results. She entered the world of affiliate marketing after moving to Montreal in 2009. Originally from New Brunswick, Nicole completed her BBA at the University of New Brunswick with an honor in Marketing and International Business. Aside from building strong relationships with her affiliates, Nicole spends her days overseeing the growth of the programs she is managing, negotiating deals, blogging, assisting affiliates with the development of their marketing campaigns, and staying up-to-date with industry news and trends!