With the Super Bowl less than two months away, you may already be getting excited about the biggest sporting event of the year. No matter which teams are squaring off on the field, the weeks leading up to the big game are sure to be busy for affiliates.

It is events like these that affiliates should really focus on. After all, if you know how to capture Super Bowl traffic you can make a lot of money. Unfortunately, this game only comes around once per year. If you don’t start preparing now, you may miss out on a huge opportunity.

Become a Ticket Affiliate

Are you aware of just how much money it takes to attend the Super Bowl in person? Last year, the average sale price of a ticket on StubHub was $3,600. Although this is a lot of money, there are thousands upon thousands of people who will do whatever it takes to watch the big game in person.

By becoming an affiliate for a ticket broker site, you can gain a small piece of a very large pie. For example, an eight percent commission on two tickets priced at $7,200 will lead to a total payout of $576 or $288/ticket. How many tickets do you think you could sell after the two teams are set?

Tailgating and Party Products

Some people are lucky enough to score tickets for the Super Bowl. Many of those who aren’t will spend this time at home with friends and family.

As an affiliate, you can cash in on these consumers by promoting tailgating and other party products and supplies. Remember, just because somebody is not tailgating at the game does not mean they are not partying hard at home. From chairs to tables to grills and much more, there is money to be made in this market.

Promote Online Sportsbook Services

This is not the right choice for every affiliate, as online sports betting is not legal in every country. However, if you are legally allowed to promote these services you should strongly consider doing so during the NFL postseason leading up to and including the Super Bowl. This is one time of the year when people will take extra money out of their pocket in hopes of adding some more excitement to the game, and of course, winning some money along the way.

What about the Commercials?

The game may be exciting, but there are a lot of people who enjoy the Super Bowl commercials just as much. Most companies do a good job keeping their commercial(s) secret until it is aired for the first time during the game. That being said, if you look at past history you can get a pretty good idea of which companies and industries will be well represented. In turn, you can setup affiliate offers meant to cash in on this advertising. You don’t need to spend millions on 30 seconds of air time. All you have to do is position yourself to benefit!