One of the growing trends in the internet marketing space lately has been the thought that it is so easy to make money with blogging, but it’s actually one of the slowest and hardest ways!

What is easy is setting up your first blog. All you need is a domain name, hosting and the ability to install WordPress. If that is too complex for you, then you can always just create a free site through or and host it through them.

Once you blog is live you are ready to start cashing in and retire from your full time job and live the life of luxury! NOT!… now comes all of the massive work that goes into every successful blog out there.

Here’s a list of 3 reasons why you will never make any money with your blog.

You are just another blog in the mix…

So why did you even start a blog in the first place if you don’t have a real purpose? Before wasting your time and all of your readers time, think about what your blog can offer that the other billions of blogs out there don’t offer already. If you want to find success in blogging, then you need to get creative, original and provide a needed service.

Your monetization plan is terrible…

Many people think they can throw up a blog and add some original content then throw affiliate links and banners all over the place and they are going to make money. This will actually get you no where. Your content probably won’t rank in the search results and no one will find your site. Without a real content and monetization plan in place, there is a good chance that the people who do come across your blog won’t click on all the ads anyway if they aren’t relevant and placed properly on the site.

You never even put in the effort…

This is where most bloggers fail before they even get started. The first days of blogging is always the easiest and most fun. You get to build a new site and design the way your blog looks. The next phase is focusing on quality blog content, guest blogging, building links to your blog, growing out a mailing list and commenting on other sites to gain more links and readers. Without these key components, there is a good chance the blog will fail. You have to put in as much as you can, if you want to get anything out of a blog.

How to Make Real Money with Your Own Blog

Now that all of that negativity is out of the way, let’s focus on some of the best ways that you can monetize your traffic, while also growing out your blog in the process. Below is a list of five of the best ways to make money with your own blog.

  • Sell Your Own Banner Space
  • Create Your Own Product
  • Write Review Based Articles
  • Use Affiliate Links within Content
  • Offer Paid / Premium Content

This is just the tip of the ice berg. Be sure to read my full post titled “Why Your Blog Will Never Make Money” for the full list of tips and what you can do to start making money with your blog today.

This post was written by Zac Johnson

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