There are plenty of guides on how to build an email list but, to be honest, that’s the easy part – – it’s what happens after you’re up and running that can be real troublesome with the platform.

Particularly, the question that comes about quite frequently: how often to email the list.

Email marketing is extremely powerful, without a doubt, but there are drawbacks from the lack of updates or doing so too frequently; it’s easy to lose or burn your list by under or overdoing it.

The following should give you some kind of idea on how to approach the frequency of your emails:

  • Know the industry – Every industry has its own best practices in terms of email marketing; companies behind eCommerce sites may want to refrain from daily updates in place of weekly newsletters (along with appropriate deals) whereas a blogger may have an active community that wants regular updates when new posts hit the blog.
  • Know the audience – Are you creating content for the novice or industry professionals? The novice is just getting their start so they’re starving for a lot of great information whereas the professional needs just one or two new ideas throughout the month because their time needs to be calculated and quantified.
  • Know the value – Will you do a paragraph that’s just used as a simple update when you have new content or are you treating your email list like a premium mailing? Know the value you deliver to your audience and choose a timing which matches the content you produce through your website along with the marketing campaigns so they’re symbiotic in relationship, but don’t determine the value just on gut instinct – understand based on feedback.
  • Know the angle – Every email has its own purpose but you can’t expect to bombard readers with the same roll every time of the week/month. Change it up in terms of the angle whether it’s a promotional piece or community update; change around the format to reignite the engagement.
  • Know the timing – Use the built-in tools within your preferred email marketing client to make judgments around the best open rates and timing. Read industry email marketing blogs to hear their take on the matter but use your data, and testing, to determine what’s best for your list. This item can be anything from the days the email goes out to the hours it hits the inbox.

Regardless of your best efforts you will have people unsubscribe from your list whenever you make a change to the format and frequency. However, don’t see this as a complete loss because it’s likely they weren’t very active on the list anyway.

Interesting reads on the subject:

In short:

If you’re delivering great, valuable information/resources than people will open the email even if it’s multiple times a day – – just do your best effort to understand your audience and what they enjoy – – then keep giving it to them.