Earning a top page rank in search results is a major concern for most websites. Some sites spend thousands of dollars on search engine optimization (SEO) strategies designed to achieve top rankings in the major search engines. While good SEO techniques do not require a huge financial investment, focusing on optimizing pages can bring significant rewards in terms of Web traffic.


In order to benefit from earning a top page rank, it is important to understand how people use search engine results pages. People search the Web for various types of products, information, and entertainment. If you want to successfully draw traffic to your website, you need to understand what your audience is looking for and what they will do once they find it.


Web Users Want Information


The key to any successful Web search is information. Your website cannot achieve a top page ranking without offers original, high-quality content. People will not read your site unless you can provide a product or service that they find useful and relevant. In order to succeed with search engines and keep users coming back to your site, you need to focus your attention on providing the best information on your topic. Give your readers unique content that satisfies a specific need.


Web Users Want Concise Details


How should you present the information on your website? It is important to note that people do not read online pages the same as printed text. Instead of reading word-for-word, online readers scan pages for main points and key details. Make your pages user-friendlier by writing quality content specifically for the Web. Summarize the main points, use bulleted lists to convey information, follow a linear format, and use descriptive subheadings to break up blocks of text.


Web Users Want Credibility


Because the Internet is full of spurious information and questionable references, online users are increasingly looking for information from credible sources. People want to know where information is coming from, who is providing it, and what facts back it up. You can improve the credibility of your website in a number of ways. First, always employ high standards of content development. Check that all Web copy is unique and from a reliable source. When possible, provide a list of references for information gleaned from books, journals, experts, or other websites.


Web Users Want Openness


One of the best ways to ensure your high search engine rankings pay off is to offer users a way to contact you, offer feedback, or interact with other readers. Readers often rely on the short description of your website that accompanies your search engine listing to determine whether or not to visit your site. Make note of key variables such as chat rooms and forums in the metadescription of your website. Users are far more likely to click on a search engine result if they will have the option of taking some type of action once they arrive at your site.


Good search engine results are one of the best ways to increase traffic on your website. A top page rank is meaningless, however, if people do not feel inspired to click on your link. You can improve your success with search engine results pages by offering quality content that caters to the needs of your online audience.