Get started with Squidoo!

Squidoo is a free web 2.0 publishing platform which can be utilized in affiliate marketing for many different gains such as link building, direct sales, community building, branding, and even become a secondary source of affiliate earnings.

In this article, you’ll learn how you can use Squidoo to improve your affiliate marketing campaigns and gain an edge on your competition.

Getting Started with Squidoo & Affiliate Marketing

The relaxed rules of Squidoo, in comparison to other publishing platforms, gives you a great advantage in many aspects of online marketing, affiliate sales, and other items mentioned previously; here’s how to bring it all together …

Start with Leverage. Sign up for a Squidoo account with the mindset that you may later use your Squidoo lenses as a form of link building, affiliate marketing, and branding. Write down your goals for using the publication platform along with the products you wish to promote. Keep in mind that you can always go back to edit lenses when you change your strategy and direction.

You don’t need a website to start with Squidoo and affiliate marketing. The massive traffic landing on Squidoo is enough (when combined with keyword research) to gain a lot of traction and attention to your affiliate offers.

Write Series and Segments. Use reviews as your main form of affiliate income since these are some of the best ways to convert visitors into buyers. Branch your topic into segments or series which point back to the review article. Create “mini websites” on Squidoo for each new product or service you’re promoting.

An example would be: Product Review → How To Tutorial → Price Comparison Article → Etc. You’re creating a small link network that will guide visitors toward the review regardless of their entry source.

Build Links (As Usual). Treat your Squidoo lenses like a normal website and build links back to each of your articles to help them gain higher search engine rankings. Squidoo already has a high PageRank which will give great benefits to your initial ranking but be sure to get your link found by guest blogging, article marketing, blog commenting, forum posting, and other methods you’re comfortable with.

Let the community discover and build links, naturally, back to your lenses. Create a community and network within the Squidoo platform as you would if you operated an affiliate website. Utilize social media to get found and build off your success after you receive feedback and income.

Repeat the process for each new product or service you plan to promote. Learn from your mistakes and accomplishments. You don’t need a website to get started with affiliate marketing if you put Squidoo to good use. Aim to create 100 quality lenses; use your income to build upon your business. Squidoo and most affiliate networks are free to join – there’s no reason not to get started in marketing.