There comes a point where your sales feel stagnant or that they just don’t seem to perform as well as you’ve hoped. It happens but it isn’t forever. In fact, this is the perfect moment in time to try out new experiments to accelerate your sales and push through to a higher income bracket.

Here are a few real-world examples of businesses boosting their income:

Method #1: Leverage Affiliate Income with your Paid Product

Trent Dyrsmid had already created a great source of income through his niche websites. His work helped build his bran and credibility as he blogged about them. Soon after, Trent launched the “Niche Site Mastery” program that comes at a premium.

This example of accelerating sales comes down to the alternative method for people to subscribe to the course. Rather than restricting the program to paid customers, Trent allows people to join the course after they’ve purchased website hosting in which he earns an affiliate commission. Afterward, people that get involved with the program stick around, buy recommended affiliate products, and continue to earn Trent additional income.

What can you do? Try a different approach to how people gain access to your products. Consider giving away the product if they sign up for your list. Maybe utilize hungry customers to build buzz and market your brand by posting on their Facebook walls or blogs in exchange for the product.

Method #2