Anyone that owns a website is open to a way to make money with it. Why not? Who wouldn’t want a fast and easy way to make a few extra bucks without stocking or shipping any products. One of the easiest ways to do this is to become a book affiliate.

Book affiliates are people who use their websites to promote a book from a merchant or seller. The merchant will offer a token amount for each website visitor that is referred from the affiliates website. They also usually offer a percentage of the sale. A well placed affiliate link that is promoted soundly can bring in a nice passive income.

Finding the right book affiliate program for your website is instrumental in making a high commission from the book affiliate program. Begin by performing a search with a engine like Google for book affiliate programs. Choose a book and affiliate program that compliments your website. A good choice is one that relates to your site in some way. If your website is about model cars and the book affiliate program you choose is about crocheting with hemp, chances are you will not sell many.

Each book affiliate program has its own rules and regulations to adhere to. Take careful consideration to make sure that you can stick to the policies of the book affiliate program you choose. Not doing so may result in the delay or complete absence of a commission check.

When you’ve decided on the book affiliate program that suits you best fill out the on-line application form. There may or may not be a waiting period before you are able to access your account depending on whether or not the book affiliate program needs to check your website for any required criteria. This could be anything from a particular Google page rank to a paid for domain name or a minimum amount of visitors per month.

After registering with the book affiliate program and passing any needed inspections you will receive some html code to put on your website. The code will display a button, bar or banner with the book affiliate website and/or product.

Your last step is to promote your book affiliate program link and to watch the commission checks roll in! Congratulations! You are a book affiliate!