How to Become A Legal Marketer

Law firms make their money by selling a service, an intangible object. This is the hardest type of sales unless it is something that is highly sought after. Sometimes a service is something that a client needs and they do not know it. That’s where the legal marketer comes in.

A legal marketer is someone who works for a law firm as a marketer. Their sole work objective is to draw in clientele to the law firm. A first-rate legal marketer is highly sought after by law firms all over the country.

There are three major goals to achieve when attempting a career in legal marketing.

1. Education
2. Experience
3. Networking

The rise of the global law firm is fast and furious. More than ever the demand for talented legal marketers is high so a great educational background is a good starting point. An MBA or other degree focusing on legal or marketing courses is an excellent choice. There is a course to take for certification in marketing. Anyone that is serious about showing clients a resolute and determined legal marketer will have their certification.

Keep abreast of all the current trends and techniques. Know the ins and outs of law firm advertising and law firm development. If you are comfortable in your knowledge then your clients are comfortable with your abilities. Take advantage of the many legal marketing webinars, seminars and conferences. Read available white papers and legal journals.

Tout your accomplishments. Display your certifications and awards. Join a legal marketing association. They have committees and service groups that assist in education as well. Many of them offer a specialized course or classes in new trends and ideas. They will also offer a variety of lectures, articles, programs and demonstrations on timely information on a wide range of legal marketing topics so that you may grow professionally.

Network, network, network! Networking is simply telling everyone you know that you are involved with a great law firm. Locate a local chapter of any of the legal marketing networks. Find a way to volunteer your work information in any related instance. You never know when someone will need your services and consider you when hearing your experiences.

The main ingredient in the recipe for legal marketing success is hard work. Throw in some determination and perseverance and you’ve got the battle won. Any goal worth having is worth working hard for.