According to many expert affiliate marketers, ringtones are expected to be one of the top online offers during the next few years. As the mobile industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds, the demand for new features becomes even stronger. Some estimates suggest that mobile sales will grow to approximately $1.5 billion by 2009, which means that there is ample opportunity for affiliate marketers to carve out a successful niche in this red hot market.

Ringtones are an appealing and popular way to add personalized flair to mobile devices. Users like to display their personality via their musical selections, which means that there is a continual demand for a wide range of ringtone offers. From the latest pop hits to old classics to cartoon themes songs, consumers want to be able to choose from a variety of ringtones that reflect their personality and current moods.

The Basics of Ringtone Marketing

In order to become a successful ringtone affiliate, you need to understand the basics of the technology, the available offers and your potential audience. By understanding what is available and what your customers are interested in, you will be better able to plan an effective marketing strategy.

There are three basic types of ringtones that you can offer to your audience:

1. Monophonic Ringtones

Monophonic ringtones are simple, short tunes that are generally produced for older phones. While these ringtones are becoming less common as more and more consumers switch over to newer phones, it is still a good idea to provide some selection of these ringtones to those still using phones that are only capable of playing monophonic ringtones.

2. Polyphonic Ringtones

Polyphonic ringtones are more complex and can produce realistic musical sounds. Many phones today are capable of playing these popular ringtones. These ringtones have become the most common types used in recent years, with most current phone having polyphonic ringtone capabilities.

3. Music Ringtones

Music ringtones are the latest development in this growing industry. New phones are often capable of playing actual pieces of recorded music. Experts expect these ringtones to become increasingly popular as more people purchased mobile phones with advanced features.

Ringtone Promotional Strategies

How should your promote ringtone affiliate offers? According to market research, the vast majority of ringtone users are between the ages of 18-24. In order to capitalize on this, you should focus on directing your offers toward this age group. Creating a content-rich website that appeals to the needs and interests of young adults is one of the best ways to draw in interested customers, inspire these viewers to click on your affiliate links, and motivate them to buy ringtones.

The ringtone market is expected to grow considerably in the upcoming years. You can get a head start over the competition by building your reputation as a ringtone affiliate today. By understanding the available offers and directing your efforts toward a highly targeted audience, you will be able to achieve amazing results as a ringtone affiliate.