If you have a website and a vast love for audio books your already half way to becoming an audio book affiliate. Becoming an audio book affiliate is creative and popular new way to makeadditional money from your website. Its easy, fast and takes only a few hours a month to bring in a side income.

The key to becoming an audio book affiliate is to choose a great audio book affiliate program. If your interested in doing this chances are that you are already familiar with audio books and have a few favorites. That gives you a great head start. Check the company that makes the audio books you enjoy for a audio book affiliate program. Try searching with a search engine like Google for an audio book affiliate program.

Read through all the requirements and rules for any audio book program you’re interested in before applying. There will sometimes be obligations that you, as an affiliate will have to adhere to. This could be something like having a set amount of visitors a month, a paid for domain name or a certain level of Google page rank. Not having these requirements may delay or withhold your payment completely.

Choose an audio book affiliate program that is related in some way to your website content. If your website is all about fox hunting an you are promoting an audio book about eyebrow plucking you may not generate too much interest for the book. Instead choose an audio book that compliments your site and adds to the interest of your visitors.

Expect to do a lot of promoting of the audio book you choose. There are several books and articles available on this subject. Promoting the merchants products is investing in your own financial success. Each sale you make for the merchant is an increase in your own commission check. Consider writing some of your own promotion material. If you’ve listened to the audio book yourself and enjoy it makes it that much easier to successfully promote. Using real experiences help your site visitors to relate.

Becoming an audio book affiliate is a fun and easy way to invest in your financial future and a create that additional stream of income.