Maybe you’re an avid reader. Maybe you’re a book enthusiast. Maybe you just see a way to make some money. Whatever your reasons your looking for the answer to how to become an e-book affiliate.

There are a few ways to become an e-book affiliate. The fastest, easiest and cheapest way is to promote another person’s e-book. Find an e-book that you love. Find one that speaks to you, one that you would recommend to your friends and buy your family members for Christmas. If you love it, it is easier to write real believable ad copy on it. It doesn’t seem much like selling when you believe in the product and its help.

If you have found an e-book that you enjoy then someone is trying to sell it. Almost every market place on the net offers a affiliate program and e-books are no exception. Fill out the application form and place the html linking code on your website. Learn to promote your e-book affiliate links so that the commission you draw is higher. Each e-book affiliate program will pay a percentage of each sale, a per click fee or both to its affiliates.

Consider the site you are promoting the e-book on. Choose an e-book that is closely related to the topic of the web site. Your visitors come to your website for a reason. They are looking for particular information on a topic. If you have a website dedicated to the care of registered Pit Bulls an e-book about waxing body hair isnt going to sell well. The e-book that you promote should be an extra bit of information that will help your visitors in their quest for knowledge.

You can also write your own e-book and promote it. Write on a subject that you know well. Have someone check it for typos and misspellings. There are lots of software packages that will guide you through the processes of writing an e-book.

There is also the option of becoming an e-book affiliate for a bookseller or warehouse. The process is much the same as for a single e-book but may differ slightly in certain areas. Read all requirements carefully. Not following the rules completely may result in a delay or complete denial of payment.

It is not difficult to become an e-book affiliate. It takes only time, effort and patience. Before long you’ll have your own virtual bookstore and living your dream. Congratulations, you’re an e-book affiliate!