With high payouts, in-demand products and a huge audience base, consumer finance is one of today’s largest affiliate marketing verticals. It’s also one of the most competitive, and each year, more affiliates, networks and offers enter the game.

In such a saturated market, it’s important to choose offers that maximize your chances of success. Choosing offers can be difficult, and it’s important to work with proven offers that can provide you with a sustainable game plan. Here are some ways you can choose the best financial offers for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

1. Look Beyond EPC

Earnings per click (EPC) is just one way of measuring the effectiveness of an affiliate offer. But it shouldn’t be the only factor you consider. When looking for financial offers to run, look beyond the EPC to the aspects of an offer that can’t be measured directly on paper. It’s here, where the creative and business lines blur, that often makes or breaks an offer.
Look to see if the landing page for the offer is well-designed, for example. When you send quality traffic to an offer that simply doesn’t convert well because of design flaws, you’re missing out on potential earnings. The same can be said of the general flow of the offer – if there are logical holes in the customer process, you’ll be sending traffic to an offer with less-than-perfect optimization.

Consider these and other factors, not just the EPC, when choosing financial offers to test.

2. Tailor to Your Audience

Within consumer finance, there are a number of audiences and submarkets, and because finance is such a broad, looming vertical, you’ll want to break down your offer search according to your audience. Website visitors interested in short-term loans are unlikely to be the same as those interested in well-funded mutual fund portfolios, so determine the needs of your audience and choose offers accordingly.

The best offers are those that will mesh well with the content, resources and value provided by your website, email list or other online presence. Offers that naturally blend with your affiliate “brand” will be less intrusive and more effective.

3. Keep Up with the Economy

While it’s been no secret that the country has seen financial distress over the last few years, it’s important to know as much as possible about the current state of the economy. This can change frequently, so by staying abreast of economic changes, you’ll have a better sense of which financial offers are currently in high demand.

Just this week, figures were released that indicated the economy is beginning to show signs of improvement, including better job statistics, more spending in the business-to-business sector and increased spending in home construction. Knowing stats like this may be able to help you determine which offers will succeed now and in the near future.

4. Look to the Future

And speaking of the future, it’s just as important to keep your eye on the financial forecast up ahead. The financial offers that are profitable today may not be popular in six months or a year, so when you’re researching the economy, try to find trends that may hint as to what the next wave of popular consumer finance products may be. This is hardly a scientific approach, but with patience and insight, you’ll find it easier to choose offers that provide sustainability and long-term effectiveness.

5. Uncover Real Value

No matter what the vertical, the best offers are often those that provide customers with the most value. When researching finance offers, look at the overall value provided by each. If there are offers that seem to offer more real value, go with those first.
The value of a product offer is often the best sales pitch, and customers often know when they’ve stumbled across something of value. When choosing finance offers to run, don’t focus solely on what you can potentially make – consider also what you can potentially offer your audience. It’s this mutual pursuit of value and profitability that often leads you to the best performing financial offers.

Dustin Christensen is the Content Director of Blue Global Media, an affiliate network that specializes in consumer finance offers.