Sometime way back in 2013 I wrote a post that gave five different ways to find niche topics for building affiliate websites.

The main methods were:

  • Using a hobby
  • Focusing on popular products
  • Picking a passionate topic
  • Going off with a book
  • Tapping into the community

These are all great methods that hold up to this day but there were many others I had in mind when writing the post so I figured it would be a good time to divulge a few of those ideas.

I’m not going to list out niche site ideas (in no particular order or importance); take a look and you may be surprised at some that may strike inspiration:

  • Niche Forums – These forums aren’t your typical ones with tens of thousands of members. These niche forums are ones dedicated to even the smallest interest. These forums are a gold mine when doing research because it is so laser focused. All you need to do is look through the sticky posts and top posts, look into the topic, listen to the conversation, and see if there are products being promoted to these individuals. If you feel there’s an opportunity then go off and create a product from what you’ve learned on the niche forum, create content answering those questions you see appearing often, and become part of it so siphon interested individuals to your niche site.
  • Community Events – The local paper will generally do write ups on what’s happening in your area but it never goes into the topic too deeply. Let’s go with an example of a classic cars regular meet up in your town. When you’re there you can pick up on what people are saying, what they’re buying, and what they think of the organization. From there you could build a site around pictures you’ve taken at these events, conduct interviews, solicit advertisements, host contests, and more. The affiliate angle can come into play by doing reviews, lists, and other roundups about parts the participants had mentioned when you attended. This type of niche site can be for just about any regular event going on in your town.
  • College Representatives – Colleges all over the World have individuals trying to earn a few extra bucks – usually by selling things like knives. A lot of these companies are setup like MLM’s so really the student isn’t earning a whole lot unless they got in on it when it was good. Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, can make a play on campuses if you recruit individuals within specific clubs (ex. Gaming club). You could work with them to create a small hub-like niche site for their club where everyone can contribute to the content and take a share of any affiliate earnings such as when they may make a recommendation. You, too, will pick up a portion of that profits. You can go a step further by using college representatives to promote niche sites you’ve created aimed at their needs and wants like scholarship guides, dorm life, dating, text books and materials, hardware & software, and whatever else comes across your mind!
  • The “Go-to” Family Saver – How many in our family (and extended family) really knows the best ways to get deals on sites like Amazon or know how to save big on buying travel fair? These online platforms have affiliate marketing platforms built in which means all you need to do is create a channel where everyone you know can come to you when they want the best deals. They’re saving money and you’re earning an affiliate commission – it’s win/win. A great place to start something like this is by creating an FB group or fan page just for family & friends. In there they can explain what they’re looking for, you find the best deal, and come back to them with an affiliate link. You can even theme it around the holidays, too, since everyone is rushing to find the best gifts for the various people on your list. You become that “go-to” person in your family that’s helping to save everyone some good money.

How do you choose a subject for your affiliate websites? Share your tip with a comment, below.