Reviews are like the bread and butter when it comes to earning an affiliate commission.

Reviews work because it allows you to show off a product, explain its value, highlight its features, and tell a story about how it affects your life (which then creates a similar feeling for those digging in).

Making these reviews aren’t difficult but it takes time. However, if you approach it from an alternative angle then you can easily create these in mere minutes.

Note: It may be “mere minutes” but there is down-time but when you batch the processes and condense the time YOU are putting into the review it truly does cut down time.

Minute 1: Brainstorm

What’s something you own (or subscribe to) that is relevant to your niche and generally stays as a hot commodity for others? If it’s something you’ve owned for some time then you already know the ins and outs which will make everything else fall into place.

Minute 2: Get the product/service

If you don’t have something to show then hop online and buy something (or subscribe). You may need to wait a few days but in the meantime you can get everything else ready for the review (I’d recommend spending that time looking at how others do their delivery).

Minute 3: Play around with the product/service

Once you have this item/service it’s time to play around with it and get first impressions. The first impressions are generally the talking points that everyone is expecting because there is a layer of hype and mystique. Any extra time should be spent understanding the features (which generally come secondary in most marketing messages).

Minute 4: Take notes of what you like and hate

Open up a word doc and start jabbing down all those things you love and hate about the product or service. The first impressions will make these two extremes very relatable because this is what we all experience upon the purchase. Conveying those feels will get them hooked into the video.

Minute 5: Hear what others have already said

Quickly send out a message to your network to see if anyone else have played around with the item or used the service. Ask them for a one-sentence review and take that to mind when comparing it to yours. You may also use their small review as part of yours (which helps with brand association).

Minute 6: Write out a basic script

Now get another word doc going and bang out a basic script. It doesn’t need to be long-winded because most of the review will be you casually talking about the thing off the top of your head. The script will work like a presentation so you have your bullet points to keep the review streamlined.

Minute 7: Jump in front of the camera and speak your mind

Grab a camera (you can use your phone), hit record, and give yourself a few seconds of dead air and then start going at it. Don’t worry about if you mess up. You can always do jump cuts at later times (which keeps a viewer’s attention).

Minute 8: Send the RAW footage and outline to an expert

If you don’t understand video editing then don’t worry. You can head on over to sites like Fiverr and find someone to do the editing for you. Package up the raw video, notes, and script, and have them include a few call-outs such as adding a title and URL for the video.

Minute 9: Get it back and upload the work

There’s a bit of downtime while you’re waiting for it to get back but this is one of those times you may as well start on another review. Once it’s back all you need to do is throw it up on YouTube and do your rounds of social.

Minute 10: Figure out what worked (and do it better)

In the last bit I would say to take a moment to reflect on what you have just done. Imagine if you do one of these each and every day versus writing a long blog post? What if you transcribed the audio and had that along with an embedded version of the file? There’s a lot of opportunity so keep your mind sharp, brush up on video marketing skills, keep up with this pace, and you could pump out profitable affiliate videos in mere minutes.

Don’t believe me?

If you have some of the basics skills (such as editing) you can greatly cut down on the total time it takes to make these reviews. It also helps if you’re the type of person that can easily talk about products or services based around first impressions.

What I would do is look around my room, grab one item of interest (let’s say a new video game I bought), and take a few moments to write down my ideas and notes about it (from having played it).

Next I would setup my cell phone camera (using a makeshift tripod) and just have at it – telling them what I like about it, why it’s important to me, and why they’d like it (I’m talking to my audience which I’d model after myself … an avid gamer).

Then I’d throw the video in a basic editor, add titles & CTA’s, a bit of light music, and render. Go right to YouTube and get it published, start sharing it on social channels, and slap it up as a video post for your blog. If it picks up traction then that’s great! If it didn’t take off too well then at least it will spark ideas on how to do it better the next time.


Do you think you can create these mini-reviews to boost your affiliate earnings? C’mon, it only takes mere minutes. You can do it!


Image by Geralt