Everyone knows about ClickBank. They are the largest online affiliate driven marketplace for digital products.

In addition to their reputation online, they also have over 14 years of experience and have paid out over $2 BILLION dollars to their marketers.

So what are the secrets behind creating a killer product on ClickBank and making some good money from it? There is a lot of decent products on ClickBank, but there is also a lot of trash.

The winning formula behind every successful CB product is actually a lot less complex than you might think. It’s a quick and easy seven step process that was laid out on JohnChow.com a couple weeks ago. The breakdown looks like this.

Step 1 – Choose a Series of Clickbank Products
Step 2 – Create a Free eBook
Step 3 – Create a Squeeze Page To Promote The eBook
Step 4 – Send Traffic To The Squeeze Page
Step 5 – Capture The Lead
Step 6 – Deploy Auto Responders
Step 7 – Watch The Money Rack Up In The Clickbank Account

When you look at the breakdown it seems easy enough, because it is! The hard part is finding a niche and building a quality product around it.

Some of the best selling products on ClickBank are for things you may never have even though of, such as bird feeders, how to build chicken coops and learning how to jump higher.

The problem many of us face is that we are continually trying to build and rehash the same stuff. It’s important to realize you don’t need to create a “make money online” based product to actually make money online and create a winning product through ClickBank.

How John Chow Launched his Recent Product through ClickBank

Just this past week John Chow and Peng launched their “Work From No Home” making money offer on Clickbank and it’s currently ranked one of the top selling products on CB right now.

Take a look at the listing below that shows the product is currently ranked 3rd and has a Gravity rating of 310.94, which is very good.

All of this is based off the original seven point plan we listed above. If you ever wanted to create your own ClickBank based product and start making more money per sale and have an army of affiliate marketers pushing a product for you, the simple breakdown above is the best way for you to get started.

Take the time to do the necessary research and find a niche market that could use a quality product, build something amazing, then search out the top marketers, blogs and web sites in that market to promote your product.

This post was written by Zac Johnson

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