ShareASale is one of the webs largest pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-click programs that rivals most other affiliate networks yet brings its own offerings to the table that are well worth exploring.

In this article, you’ll get the full introduction to the ShareASale platform and the incredible benefits it can bring to your affiliate marketing business.

ShareASale: A Wonderful Platform for Affiliate Marketing

ShareASale is an attractive affiliate marketplace built upon great business ethics and wonderful options for its affiliates including access to some of the largest brands, widgets, tracking, optimization, and resources. Without a doubt, ShareASale should become part of your affiliate marketplace usage.

Here are some of the immediate benefits of joining ShareASale:

  • Big Brands. ShareASale has access to some of the largest brands on the web across every industry; the built in search features and lists help you navigate the marketplace to ensure you’re paired up with the perfect product, service, or company to promote. 5 Great ShareASale Programs To Promote
  • Ad Copy, Coupons, and Resources. Unlike other affiliate marketplaces, ShareASale has a large participation from the companies in creating ad copy, ad graphics, coupons, and additional resources for their affiliates which ultimately aids you in the product promotions.
  • Pay-per-call. A welcome departure from traditional affiliate marketing, ShareASale offers a Pay-per-call feature that gives you access into the world of mobile marketing.
  • Merchant Feeds. The biggest bonus of ShareASale is the data feeds provided by companies; these are powerful when operating an eCommerce business since you can call upon the data feed to automatically populate your website.
  • Reporting. All the great reporting tools you may need is represented in ShareASale to aid in your tracking and optimization. You’ll have access to traffic reports, exportation to spreadsheets, visitor activity, merchant summaries, and much more. Every bit of information you need to improve your affiliate marketing business.

All-in-all, ShareASale is another massive affiliate marketplace worth adding to your affiliate toolbox. The wide selection of big brand companies, resources, ad copy, tracking tools, and additional features makes ShareASale very attractive when coupled with your business. Go now and get signed up, it only takes a few minutes and you’ll be well upon your way to incredible promotions and conversions.

Are you active with ShareASale? What’s your opinion of the network?